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Aarti, Sundar (2015) Preparation and Incorporation of Green Coffee Bean Extract in Food Formulations. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Aathira, P. (2015) Effect of Pumpkin Flour Incorporation on the Quality Of Muffins. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Abhay Kumar, Nag (2015) Effect of Ingredients on Rheological, Physico-Sensory and Nutritional Characteristics of Omega-3 Enriched Eggless Cake. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Abhishek, Upadhyay (2015) Isolation of Arabinoxylan from Different Fractions of Finger Millet. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Akshitha, V. (2015) Prevalence of Bacillus cereus and Staphylococcus aureus in selected foods. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Alok Kumar, Singh (2015) Co-absorption of Polyphenols and minerals. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Anisha, Chatterjee (2015) Isolation and characterization of an extremophilic Chlorella sp. as a potential source of valuable metabolites. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Anjana Kaveri, B. (2015) Masking/eliminating the odour of Spirulina for enhancing its consumption among consumers. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Ankita Sai, N. (2015) Preparation of Protein Concentrate and Isolate from Linseed Meal. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Ankoti, Ghosh (2015) Shelf life extension of chapati using preservatives. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Anoop, G. J. (2015) Shelf life studies of fish in Nano Curcumin incorporated biodegradable film. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Anoosha, K. (2015) Studies on milling of Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) seeds and determination of physicochemical properties. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Anuja Dev, M.V. (2015) Effect of Bio Active Rich Green Coffee Extract (GCE) on Rheological, Physico - Sensory & Nutritional Characteristics of Bread. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Anuprita, V. Raichurkar (2015) Detection of organophosphorus pesticides by different analytical techniques and their evaluation for onsite application. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Anusha, N. (2015) Preparation of Topologically Different Forms of DNA: Implications on Recombination Studies. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Archana, K. Pushparaj (2015) Botanical extracts as freshness keepers for the extended shelf life of sprouts. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Arya, B. (2015) Studies on Flaxseed Protein Recovery. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Ashwin, Thontakudi (2015) Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Minimally processed Banana flower. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Ashwini, S. Dev (2015) Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acids Down Regulate Dyslipidemia Induced Uterine Inflammatory Response. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Bhupender, Saini (2015) Physicochemical properties of intermediate moisture (IM) products from seabuckthorn (Hippophoe rhamnoides L). [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Bijaya, Bharati Bag (2015) Effects of Pretreatments on drying characteristics of bitter gourd. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Bonita Reema, Aranha (2015) Estimation of Taurine in Animal based Food and Validation of the Modified Technique. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Captain Umesh, Phalswal (2015) Development of papaya papad and its quality characteristics. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Dhanavath, Srinu (2015) Bioactive compounds from aestivum and dicoccum wheat varieties and their Health Benefits. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Dinesh, Kumar (2015) Effect of various chemicals on spongy tissue development. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Faisal, I. (2015) Grinding and Extraction Studies on Arecanut (Areca catechu). [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Irene, Mariam (2015) Development of Ready to Serve Beverage from Selected Fruits and Vegetables and Assessment of its Quality Parameters, Antioxidant Activity and Storage Stability. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Jyoti, Rani (2015) Formulation and Characterization of Micro-Particle Encapsulation of Olive Oil by Spray Drying. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Khushboo, Sharma (2015) Evaluation of fungal fermented foods. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Khushvantsinh, P. Rathod (2015) Effect of Sucrose Alternatives on quality of Bombay Halwa. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Krishna Datta Sarma, G. (2015) Effect of Syzygium Cumini Seed Powder on the Quality of Biscuits. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Lalu Ram, Patel (2015) Biological activities of Boswellia carterii Birdw essential oil against Callosobruchus chinensis L. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Lija, P. J. (2015) Flaxseed Globulin Isolation and its Evaluation for Hypocholesterolemic Effect by In Vivo Studies. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Manasa, M. (2015) Effect of Processing on Dephytinisation of Sesame (sesamum indicum) and its Effect on the Bioaccessibility of Minerals. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Manisha, Rawat (2015) Compatibility of egg powder – a functional ingredient in the development of egg sausages. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Megh, Sutaria (2015) Wheat Germ Processing and Its Biological Characterization for Application in Food Products. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Mohamed Naseef, K.K. (2015) Preparation and Characterization ff Protein Isolates Form Different Seeds. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Monika, Sengar (2015) Studies on Anti-Nutritional Components in Flax (Linum Usitatissimum) Seed. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Ms, Chandni (2015) Studies on Quinoa based flour mix for Roti and Poori. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Ms, Jyoti (2015) Enzymatic extraction and characterization of collagen from swim bladder of Indian major carp rohu (Labeo rohita). [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Ms, Priyanka (2015) Biochemical Characteristics and Probiotic Attribute of Isolated Presumptive Lactobacillus Cultures. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Ms, Priyanka (2015) Isolation and Identification of Lactic Acid Bacteria with Antimicrobial Activity from Different Food Sources. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Ms., Abhilasha (2015) Nanoencapsulation of Resveratrol by Electrospraying Technique. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Mumtaz, Fatima (2015) Effect of additives on quality of amaranth snack: Application of response surface methodology. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Nagasri, Chekkabandi (2015) Value Added Products from Jackfruit Seeds. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Nandini, J. (2015) Isolation of Cardamom Flavor Fraction and its Bioactivity Studies. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Narendra Nath, Sanyal (2015) Fermentative Production and Purification of Fructosyltransferase and Production of Fructooligosaccharides by Transfructosylation. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Neelu, Dwivedi (2015) Biochemical and Fermentative Parameters of Acidophilic Yeast. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Neha, Mirza (2015) Effect of pre-treatments and dehydration on quality characteristics of spinach. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Neha, Singh (2015) Development of a Simple Lc-Ms/Ms Method for Analysis of Macrolides and Lincosamide in Different Food Matrices. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Nilamoni, Kalita (2015) Investigation on functional properties of solid state fermented foods. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Niveditha, N. V. (2015) Changes in the physicochemical and cooking properties of accelerated and naturally aged rice. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Paramvir Singh, Dhindsa (2015) Intervention of Ozone Treatment as a Pre-Treatment for Quality Improvement in Frozen Peas (Pisum Sativum L). [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Paridhi, Jain (2015) Osmotic Membrane Processing and Spray Drying of Sugarcane Juice. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Parul, Yadav (2015) Evaluation of Various Culture Conditions for the Production of Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs) from selected Marine Micro-Algae. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Priya Patel, H. G. (2015) Analysis of Organochlorine Pesticide (pp-DDE, pp-DDD & pp-DDT) in Tomato and Vegetable Oil By Modified QuEChERS - Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction Method Using Low Cost Adsorbent. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Priyanka, K.P. (2015) Effect of ethylene and acetylene on the ripening process of mango. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Radha, Kushwaha (2015) Studies on Sweeteners. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Rajalakshmi, G. (2015) Extraction of Starch from Zingiber Zerumbet and its Food Application. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Randheer, K. (2015) Preparation of Probiotic Product as a Therapeutic Strategy for Improving Health. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Ranjith, A. (2015) Expression of delineated promoter region of putative theobromine synthase of coffee in tobacco BY-2 cell lines. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Rashmi Jagadeesh, Bhat (2015) Value addition to swallow root through processing. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Reenee Devi, Ch. (2015) Effect of Maternal High Cholesterol Diet on the Offspring’s Skeletal Mineralisation. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Reenu, George (2015) Low humidity air drying of bitter gourd. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Reghila, M. V. (2015) Internal browning in pineapple: Study of genes and enzymes. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Ritu, Singh (2015) Study for the development of fried savoury snack food rich in omega-3 fatty acid. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Salunkhe, S. B. (2015) Development of Synbiotic Pasta: A Wheat based Extruded Product. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Sandeep, S. (2015) Assessment of Nutritive value of Mudga yusha. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Sandipa, Sarkar (2015) Utilization of cocoa butter and cocoa mass as fat replacer in the preparation of cocoa enriched biscuits. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Sayali, Dilip Pande (2015) Utilization and Processing of Whole Grains for Developement of Nutritious Flours. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Sayanti, Gupta (2015) Recovery of Natural Colour from Flaxseed Hulls and Evaluation of its Bioactivities. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Shah Rajasvee, S. (2015) Preparation and Quality Assessment of Noodles from Tapioca Starch. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Shalini, Kunhikannan (2015) Molecular detection of antibiotic resistant salmonella from poultry. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Shivangi, Saha (2015) Development of low calorie protein-rich beverage. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Shubhashree, Dhal (2015) Studies on optimization of microwave assisted extraction of capsicum varieties and analysis of various quality parameters. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Siddharth, Sharan (2015) Role of Lutein in regulation of Hepatic Angiogenesis in Diabetic Rats. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Silvi, Garg (2015) Partial purification and application of neutral/alkaline phytase in dephytinization of agro-residues. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Sneha, Das (2015) Microwave extraction of catechins from green tea using ionic liquid. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Snehal, Dilip Pande (2015) Development of Nutri Health Mix and its Application in Wheat Based Product. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Soumya, Puchakayala (2015) Development of ethylene scavenging technology for extension of shelf life of banana. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Sudarshanna, Kar (2015) Encapsulation of Polyphenol compound of green tea. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Surabhi, Yadav (2015) Citrulline Rich Drink from Watermelon. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Suresh, P.V. (2015) Molecular identification and production of chitosanase from a soil fungus. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Suruthinaya, M. (2015) Studies on functional and technological properties of native potential probiotic lactobacilli. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Swathi, K. Nair (2015) Evaluation of Proteolytic activity of Storage Protein from Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Bran. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Swathi, Pushpangathan (2015) Optimization of analytical methodology for the estimation of specific residues in spices. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Swathi Krishna, E. (2015) Studies on Soymilk Fermentation by Native Isolates Of Bifidobacterium Species. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Vinay, H. K. (2015) Development of a simple LC-MS/MS method for analysis of sulfonamides in different food matrices. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Vineet, Vaibhav (2015) Protein and Phenolic Constituents in Dehulled Niger Seed Meal. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Vishnu, P. R. (2015) Studies on Bioactive Properties Of Coriander (Coriandrum Sativum L.) Foliage. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

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