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Abhinav, Sharma (2010) Effect of Microwave Baking on Biscuit Quality. [Student Project Report]

Abhirama, K. and Akshaya Kumar, Padmashali and Venkatesha, S. (2010) Design and Fabrication of Continuous Dough Mixer. [Student Project Report]

Abhishek, V. Naik (2010) Isolation, Screening and Mass Culture of High Lipid and Hydrocarbon Yielding Microalgae. [Student Project Report]

Afia, Misbah (2010) Effect of Deep Frying on the Oil Quality with Special Reference to Natural Antioxidant Content. [Student Project Report]

Ajay Kumar, B. (2010) Psychometric Studies on Intensive Sweeteners. [Student Project Report]

Ajay Kumar, Uprety (2010) Screening of Topoisomerase II Inhibitor for Health Applications. [Student Project Report]

Akhila, K. S. (2010) Characterization of Yeast for Aflatoxin Binding. [Student Project Report]

Alla, Singh (2010) Isolation and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds from Black Gram and its Milled Fractions. [Student Project Report]

Alvin, Thomas (2010) Interaction of Garcinol with Human Serum Albumin. [Student Project Report]

Amarinder Singh, Grewal (2010) Development of a Sensitive Method for Measuring Alpha-Amylase Activity in Wheat Flour. [Student Project Report]

Ambresh, P. (2010) Rheological characteristics of alphaamylase treated cereal and pulse flour dispersions and doughs. [Student Project Report]

Amit Kumar, Kulkarni (2010) Extraction of Phenol and Citric acid from aqueous Effluent using supported Liquid Membrane. [Student Project Report]

Amita, Jacob and Amogha, V. and Shilpa, Santhosh Iyer and Rohit, Kumar (2010) Application of Infrared and Microwave Radiations as Pretreatments to Osmotic Dehydration of Potato. [Student Project Report]

Amrutha, N. (2010) Studies on the vitamin B12 Enrichment of Yoghurt using Lactobacillus plantarum and Propionobacterium freudenreichii. [Student Project Report]

Anahas, A. (2010) Collection and Screening of Microalgae for Lipid Content. [Student Project Report]

Annu Maria, Alexander (2010) Food application of Marigold Pigment. [Student Project Report]

Archana, U. (2010) Role of Lactic acid bacteria to be used as probiotic culture. [Student Project Report]

Ashish Kumar, Tiwary (2010) A Study on Stability of Blended and Interesterified Oils from Niger Seed Oil and Coconut Oil. [Student Project Report]

Avinash, K.R. and Harsha, D. and Puneet, R Hudgi and Reagan, Sinru (2010) Bio-Electronics based Tea Tester. [Student Project Report]


Bhagyashri, Vishwas Pratape (2010) Crystalline Nature of the Products Prepared from Native and Bio-transformed Pigmented Rice Variety. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Bharath, B. R. and Sai Raghavendra, D. and Shashidhar, N. (2010) Studies on Quantum Dot Sensitized Thin Film Solar Cells. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Bhavya, Vinod (2010) Cloning of Hexachlorocyclohexane degrading Genes of Bacterial Isolates in Escherichia Coli Dh5α. [Student Project Report]


Chaithra, A. Poonacha (2010) Enzymatic Production of N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine from Chitin. [Student Project Report]

Chaitra, S. and Shilpa, K. S. (2010) Quercetin as a Modulant Of Oxidative Stress Associated with Diabetic Neuropathy in Streptozotocin Rat Model. [Student Project Report]

Chandrakanth, R. (2010) Molecular Characterization and Expression Studies of ACC Oxidase in Ripening Banana (cv. Nanjanagudu rasabale). [Student Project Report]

Charan, Raj (2010) Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Green Seaweeds and Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Red and Green Seaweed Extracts. [Student Project Report]

Charumathy, G. (2010) Effect of Parboiling On Physicochemical and Phytochemical Properties of Pigmented Rice. [Student Project Report]

Chaynika, Verma (2010) Water soluble extract from Cumin and Coriander: Application Studies as Beverage and Quality Characteristics. [Student Project Report]


Daniel, Vijay Rajan (2010) Physical Methods of Oil Extraction from Corn Germ obtained by Dry Milling. [Student Project Report]

Darshan, Shetty and Santosh Reddy, J. (2010) Control System for Food Processing. [Student Project Report]

Deepa, U. (2010) Studies on Red Pigment and Statin from Native and Fermented Medicinal Rice-Njavara. [Student Project Report]

Deepak., S.Ramprabhu (2010) Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Mathematical Modelling of Freeze Drying of Coffee. [Student Project Report]

Deeptanshu, Srivastava (2010) Fenugreek Seed Husk: A Novel Product and its use in the Development of High Fibre Muffins. [Student Project Report]

Deepthi, S. (2010) Toxicity and Antibacterial Activity of Carotenoids produced by Aspergillus Carbonarius in Caenorhabditis Elegans as an In Vivo Model. [Student Project Report]

Deepthi, B.V. (2010) Application of marine bacterial protease for protein hydrolysate preparation from fish processing waste. [Student Project Report]

Deepthi Hathwar, P.V. and Prasanna Kumar, B. (2010) Antioxidant and Antibacterial Properties of Tea Extracts under different Brewing conditions. [Student Project Report]

Devaraju, S.K. (2010) Effect of Enzymatic Hydrolysis on Dialysabilty of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Minerals in Soya and Casein. [Student Project Report]

Devi, S. V. M. (2010) Characterization of Bacillus Spp. with Antibacterial Activity Isolated from Fermented Vegetables. [Student Project Report]

Devika, P. (2010) Development of Amla Fortified Processed Products and its Effect on the Quality Characteristics. [Student Project Report]

Devika Devaiah, P. (2010) Chemical and Nutritional evaluation of Bakery Products with special reference to Fats used for their Preparation. [Student Project Report]

Dhande, Sachin Dnyandeo (2010) Studies on Bioconjugation of Vitamin B12 and its Application in Biosensor. [Student Project Report]

Dharsana, C. (2010) Effect of Phosphine Fumigant on Immature Stages of Tribolium Castaneum. [Student Project Report]

Dhiraj, B. (2010) A Comparative Study on Influence of Different Wheat Milled Products on Pasta Processing - A biochemical approach. [Student Project Report]

Dipti, Ranjan Das (2010) The Effect of Phytase Produced from Yeast on the Availability of Calcium and Phosphorus Present in Whole Wheat Flour Based Products. [Student Project Report]

Divya, P. (2010) Preparation of Low Trans Pufa Enriched Speciality Fats. [Student Project Report]

Divya, P.N (2010) Analysis of Fungicide Residues by TLC and Spectrophotometry. [Student Project Report]

Divya, P. (2010) Preparation of Low Trans Pufa Enriched Speciality Fats. [Student Project Report]


Elakkiyaselvi, V. (2010) Optimization of β-N-acetylhexosaminidase production under solid state fermentation by Fusarium oxysporum using response surface methodology. [Student Project Report]

Esaivani, E. (2010) Characterization of Bacterial Polyhydroxyalkanoates from Agro-Industrial Residues. [Student Project Report]


Gayathri, B. (2010) Role of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Milk to Combat Disease Caused by Pathogenic Bacteria. [Student Project Report]

Gayathri, R. S. (2010) Screening and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds from Isolated Bacterial Strains. [Student Project Report]

Geetha, V. (2010) Isolation of Bioactive Compounds from Phyllanthus Emblica (Indian Gooseberry). [Student Project Report]

Gopinath, K. (2010) Pectin Degradation in Coffee Waste using Gluconacetobacter. [Student Project Report]


Harish, Jelda (2010) Studies on Development of Nutraceutical Rich Rice Bran Drink Mix. [Student Project Report]

Heena, Anjum (2010) New approach to Synthesize α-Acetobromoglucose and its Reaction with Aromatic Alcohols. [Student Project Report]

Hemavathi, D. (2010) Lipid profile of different body components of selected Indian marine fishes with reference to their fatty acid composition. [Student Project Report]

Hridya, Raveendranath (2010) Pasta quality characteristics as influenced by maize flour and additives. [Student Project Report]


Jahnavi, P. (2010) Characterization of lipase enzyme from bacteria. [Student Project Report]

Jayesh, P. (2010) Characterization of Yeast with Antibiotic Sensitivity with a View to use as a Model Organism. [Student Project Report]

Jhanavi, Urs.D. (2010) Studies on structural deformation of pathogenic fungi by Bacillus Species. [Student Project Report]

Jhansi Rani, Jasti (2010) “Isolation of xylo-oligosaccharides from maize bran and determination of their antioxidant activity. [Student Project Report]

Jithesh, K. (2010) Cloning and Characterization of Lipase Gene from Soil Metagenome. [Student Project Report]


Kadam, S. U. (2010) Influence of Marine Functional Ingredients in Pasta Processing. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Kalaivani, R. (2010) Production of Bacterial Polyhydroxy-Alkanoates from Agro-Industrial Residues. [Student Project Report]

Kalaiyarasi, A. (2010) Studies on Pasta Products incorporated with Unripe Banana (Nendran) Flour. [Student Project Report]

Karthik, S. (2010) Analysis of Organophosphorus Insecticides in Fruits and Vegetable Samples and their Decontamination. [Student Project Report]

Keerthi, B. K. (2010) Study on Extraction of Oil from Wet Coconut and Evaluation of its Quality Characteristics. [Student Project Report]

Krishna, Das (2010) The Effect of Phytase Produced from Yeast on the Availability of Iron and Zinc Present in Whole Wheat Flour Based Products. [Student Project Report]


Lakshmi, N. (2010) Recovery of Nutraceuticals from Sesame. [Student Project Report]

Lasya, M. (2010) Profiling of Carotenoids in Moringa Olifera. [Student Project Report]

Latheesh, P. (2010) Micropropagation of Stevia Plant and Sensorial Properties of Recovered Stevioside. [Student Project Report]

Lava, C. (2010) Curdling of Milk By Probiotic Bacteria and Yeast. [Student Project Report]

Lubna, Abdulla (2010) Ultrasound Assisted Reverse Micellar Extraction of Lactoperoxidase from Milk whey. [Student Project Report]


Mahendar Singh, Jakhar (2010) Characterizing Flavor Profile of Selected Coffee Blends by Multivariate Analysis. [Student Project Report]

Mahendar Singh, Jakhar (2010) Characterizing Flavor Profile of selected Coffee Blends by Multivariate Analysis. [Student Project Report]

Maheshwari, D. (2010) Evaluation of different commercial proteases in the recovery of marine fish waste lipids and proteins. [Student Project Report]

Maheswari, K. (2010) Development of Instant Carrot Mixes and Evaluation of its Quality Characteristics. [Student Project Report]

Maheswari, K. (2010) β-N-acetyl-D-hexosaminidase production by solid state fermentation by Aspergillus flavus using response surface methodology. [Student Project Report]

Mahnaz, Kazemipoor (2010) Isolation and Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria for Probiotic Attributes and their Application in Food Products. [Student Project Report]

Major Aditya, Jamwal (2010) Whole Egg Paneer. [Student Project Report]

Mani Chandana, J. (2010) Microencapsulation of Lactobacillus plantarum by spray drying and freeze drying methods. [Student Project Report]

Maria Sushma, S. and Bhavya, C.G. and Ms., Manisha (2010) Solar Powered Water Pump. [Student Project Report]

Meenata, Khumallambam (2010) Preparation of protein isolate from shrimp processing discards and evaluation of its antioxidant activity. [Student Project Report]

Meghashyam Sandeep, V. (2010) Studies on Size Reduction of Black gram and development of Windows Application. [Student Project Report]

Milana Lawzer, Y. L. (2010) Process for Scale-up Preparation of α-Acetobromoglucos1 and Its Reaction with Aliphatic Alcohols. [Student Project Report]

Mr., Khalandar (2010) Inhibition of Pathogenesis of E.Coli by Using Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria. [Student Project Report]

Ms., Akhila (2010) Isolation and Charecterization of Fructosyl Arginine from Aged Garlic Extract. [Student Project Report]

Ms., Akshitha (2010) Sensory Profiling and Positioning of Market Samples of Chocolates. [Student Project Report]

Ms., Angelina (2010) Microbial diversity analysis by metagenomics approach. [Student Project Report]

Ms., Farheen (2010) Effect of Ingredients on Rheological, Nutritional and Quality Characteristics of High Protein, High Fiber, Low Carbohydrate Bread. [Student Project Report]

Ms., Ruthu (2010) Fermentation of Fish Head Waste with reference to Bioactivity: Antimicrobial Activity of Protein Hydrolyate. [Student Project Report]

Ms., Sharon (2010) Emulsifying and Antioxidant Properties of Polysaccharide Extract from Seaweeds. [Student Project Report]

Muhammed Asif, C.C. (2010) “Effect of Fruit hardening treatments on Postharvest quality maintenance and Shelf life extension of Fig (Ficus carica L.)Fruits at low temperature storage condition. [Student Project Report]

Murugesh, C. S. (2010) Studies On Production of Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitors from Fungi. [Student Project Report]


Nagabhushan, E and Sudhir, V. and Sunil, C.R and Sunil, K. (2010) Automated Flow Control Mechanism of Liquid Nitrogen in Cryogenic Grinding. [Student Project Report]

Nalini, S. (2010) Toxicity and Antifungal Activity of Monascus Purpureus Red Yeast Rice on Caernorhabidits Elegans. [Student Project Report]

Naveen, P. (2010) New synthetic approach to Trans-β-terpineol & its Alkoxy Ethers. [Student Project Report]

Navya, S.K. (2010) Synthesis of Novel Derivatives of Β-Asarone from the Roots of Acorus Calamus. [Student Project Report]

Nimisha, Sarah Mathew (2010) Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities of the Aqueous Acetone Extract from the Bark of Peltophorum ferrugineum. [Student Project Report]

Nithya, S. (2010) Isolation and Characterization of Lipolytic and Proteolytic Lactic Acid Bacteria with Antibacterial Properties from Fish Industry Wastes. [Student Project Report]

Nrusimha Nath, Misra (2010) Acoustic Field Assisted Demixing of Aqueous Dispersions. [Student Project Report]


Oinam, Gyaneswori Devi (2010) Antioxidant activity of carotenoids extracted from shrimp wastes. [Student Project Report]


Padmaja, K. A. and Priya Marilyn, Leo and Rashmi, B. G. (2010) Oxidative Detoriation of Oils and Fats in Ready To Eat Sweet Meats and their Nutritional Evaluation. [Student Project Report]

Padmavathi, S. (2010) Evaluation of Microalgae for Lipids. [Student Project Report]

Pankaj, Sharma (2010) Antioxidant activity and Food Application of Tinospora Cordifolia. [Student Project Report]

Parimala, K.R. (2010) Effect of Hydrocolloids on the Quality Parameters of Puri. [Student Project Report]

Patel Payal, Krishnakant (2010) Studies on Bioconjugation of Quantum Dots (nano particles). [Student Project Report]

Pathrika, Kuttappa K. (2010) Molecular Identification of Marine Proteolytic bacteria. [Student Project Report]

Pavan, M.S. (2010) Studies on Microencapsulation of Omega-3 Fatty acid rich Garden cress (Lepidium sativum L) Seed Oil. [Student Project Report]

Pavithra, H.L. (2010) Antioxidant Activity of Polyphenols and Polysaccharides from Brown Seaweeds. [Student Project Report]

Piyali, Adhikari (2010) Cereal Based Spirulina Nutribar Development and Analysis of Phycocyanin in respect of Temperature and Light Intensity in Spirulina. [Student Project Report]

Poornima, Dubey (2010) Purification and Gene Expression Profiling of Lipase from Oryza sativa. [Student Project Report]

Poornima, Gowthaman (2010) Fractionation of Conserves from Roasted Cumin Seeds and their Antioxidant Potential. [Student Project Report]

Pradeep, P Shanbogh (2010) Study on Extraction of Oil from Copra and Evaluation of its Quality Characteristics. [Student Project Report]

Pradeep, Parihar (2010) The Role of Histidine in D-Galactose Binding lectin of Legumes. [Student Project Report]

Pradeep Kumar, A. (2010) Production of Novel Inhibitors Against Aldose Reductase from Microbial Origin. [Student Project Report]

Pragnya, G.S and Hima Bindu, P. (2010) Effect of gamma irradiation on the shelf life of cashew apple. [Student Project Report]

Prakruthi, Appaiah (2010) Mechanism of Bioactivity of Licorice and Cinnamon Extracts. [Student Project Report]

Pranab, N. (2010) Chemical Analysis [Proximate Composition] and Food Colouring Property of Peltophorum Ferrugineum Flowers. [Student Project Report]

Pranshu, Saxena (2010) Genetic Algorithms: Concept and possible Applications in Food Processing. [Student Project Report]

Pravin Vasantrao, Gadkari (2010) Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction of Green Tea Components. [Student Project Report]

Preeti, Rathore (2010) Identification of Bioactive Compounds from the Bark of Peltophorum ferrugineum. [Student Project Report]

Preeti, Rathore (2010) Identification of Bioactive Compounds from the Bark of Peltophorum ferrugineum. [Student Project Report]

Prem, V. (2010) Acoustics Assisted Reverse Micellar Extraction Of Bromelain. [Student Project Report]

Prithivi, Shekara and Pavan Kumar, V. (2010) Design and Development of Wheat Flow Operated Small Generator Retrofit Kit to Flour Mill Water Wheel Dampner. [Student Project Report]

Priya, Pai (2010) Bioactive Components from Dietary Sources. [Student Project Report]

Priyanka, B. S. (2010) Isolation of Low Molecular weight Fructans from Aged Garlic Extract. [Student Project Report]

Priyanka, Kapoor (2010) Natural and acid modification of isolated starches from Bengal gram (Desi and Kabuli). [Student Project Report]

Priyanka, Patel (2010) Spirulina platensis as Nutritional supplement and evaluation of Bioactive components. [Student Project Report]

Pronay Kumar, Das (2010) Field Assisted Drying for Improving Food Quality. [Student Project Report]


Rahul, Sikka (2010) Studies on Analysis of various parameters involved in the Production of Algal Biofuel, through Practical Experiments. [Student Project Report]

Rama, G.C. (2010) Improved Iron Delivery through Fruit-Based Products. [Student Project Report]

Ramnarayan, K. (2010) Studies on Physico-Chemical Properties of Fried Oils. [Student Project Report]

Ramya, N.S (2010) Influence of sorghum flour and additives on pasta quality characteristics. [Student Project Report]

Ramya, D.N.L (2010) Sensory Perception of Intensive Sweeteners. [Student Project Report]

Ramya, K.M. (2010) Influence of media composition on entomopathogenic fungi. [Student Project Report]

Ramya, R. (2010) Studies on Glucose Uptake in Eat Cells by Extracts of a Potent Anti-Diabetic Plant Material. [Student Project Report]

Ramya, R. (2010) Studies on Glucose Uptake in Eat Cells by Extracts of a Potent Anti-Diabetic Plant Material. [Student Project Report]

Rani, Kumari (2010) Weaning Food from Germinated Rice. [Student Project Report]

Ravi, Naik (2010) Processing of Finger Millet (Eleusine Coracana) and its Utilization in the Preparation of Vermicelli. [Student Project Report]

Ravi Kumar, T.M. (2010) Optimization of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Shrimp Waste for Recovery of Antioxidative Activity rich Carotenoprotein. [Student Project Report]

Rekha, M. (2010) Chemical Composition of Essential Oils from Processed Cumin Seeds using Alternate Energy on Pilot Scale. [Student Project Report]

Rekha, M.P. (2010) Evaluation of Antioxidant and Antimutagenic Activities of the Ethyl alcohol Extract from the Bark of Peltophorum ferrugineum. [Student Project Report]

Rekha, S. (2010) Enterotoxigenic Genes in Food Isolates of Staphylococci. [Student Project Report]

Resmi, P.E. (2010) Enzymatic Synthesis of Stearic Acid Esters of Some Selected Carbohydrate Molecules. [Student Project Report]

Rinil, Kuriakose (2010) Droplet behaviour during spray drying using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with Population Balance Modelling. [Student Project Report]

Rita, K.C. (2010) Production of Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitors from Fungi. [Student Project Report]

Rohini, H.K. (2010) Isolation, Screening of Fungi from Soil and Food Grains and their Antimicrobial Activity. [Student Project Report]

Rohit, Upadhyay (2010) Microwave Assisted Extraction (Mae) of Chlorogenic Acids from the Green Coffee Beans. [Student Project Report]

Rohit, Upadhyay (2010) Microwave Assisted Extraction (Mae) of Chlorogenic Acids from the Green Coffee Beans. [Student Project Report]

Rooparani, G.N. (2010) Functional Expression of Horsegram (Dolichos biflorus) Trypsin Inhibitor Using pTwin1 System. [Student Project Report]

Roopashree, R. (2010) Analysis of Palm Oil. [Student Project Report]


Sabeetha, P. (2010) Isolation and Characterization of Cellulose Degrading Bacteria from Soil Sample. [Student Project Report]

Sabita, Ravi (2010) Sweetners perception of polyols. [Student Project Report]

Sadia, Siddiqua (2010) Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oils and their Efficacy in Food Systems. [Student Project Report]

Sahana, J. and Shruti, L Naik and Smitha, E.K. (2010) Development of Bio Coagulants for Waste Water Treatment. [Student Project Report]

Saksham, Trehan (2010) Isolation, Characterization and quantification of Carotenoids from Mango and Capsicum. [Student Project Report]

Sandeep Hardikar, N.S. and Mahesh, R.V. (2010) Organic Spirulina cultivation using Natural Waste Sources. [Student Project Report]

Sangamesha, M.A. (2010) New Synthetic approach to 1-hydroxy-p-menthane and its alkoxy ethers. [Student Project Report]

Sanjeev Kumar, M. (2010) Synthesis of Novel Derivatives by Allylic Bromination of Β-Asarone from the Roots of Acorus Calamus. [Student Project Report]

Sansu, Rachel Paul (2010) Studies on Microbial Production of Tyrosinase Inhibitors. [Student Project Report]

Satya, Sriram Valluri (2010) Forward osmosis for concentration of liquid foods. [Student Project Report]

Savitha, S. (2010) Exploring soil bacterial isolates for the production of biopolymers. [Student Project Report]

Sayyed Ahammed, Thangal K.V. (2010) Effects of pretreatments on the Microbiological quality, Fruit quality and Storage life of Cashew Apple with nut (Anacardium occidantale L.) stored at low temperature. [Student Project Report]

Sharath, Koushik and Lakshmisha, K . and Praveena, Krishna. P. S. and Mr., Anil (2010) Automatic Temperature Controller for Controlling LPG Flow. [Student Project Report]

Shashank, Nanduru (2010) Analysis of Anti-Nutritional factors in Coffee. [Student Project Report]

Shashi Kishor, Pankaj (2010) Selection of Fat Simulants for the Safety Evaluation of Food Packages for Fatty Foods. [Student Project Report]

Shilpa, K. S. (2010) Reverse Micellar–assisted Extraction of Lactoperoxidase from Milk Whey using Nonionic Surfactants. [Student Project Report]

Shipra, Bhargava (2010) Effect of Ingredients on Rheological, Nutritional and Quality Characteristics of Reduced Glycemic Index North Indian Parotta- an Indian Flat Bread. [Student Project Report]

Shrikalaa, K. (2010) Microencapsulation of Lutein and its Bioavailability for Macular Pigment Deficiency Disorder. [Student Project Report]

Shruthi, H. N (2010) Studies on the bioavailability of trace minerals from food grains. [Student Project Report]

Shruthi Aiyappa, K. and Pooja, Lakshmi and Supriya, Hegde and Roopashree, V. (2010) Design of Infrared Roaster. [Student Project Report]

Shwetha, K.V. (2010) Bioactive Compounds From Dietary Sources- Comparitive Evaluation. [Student Project Report]

Shwetha, D.G. (2010) Pectinase Enzyme from Yeast. [Student Project Report]

Shwetha, V. (2010) Development and Characterization of Aspergillus carbonarius mutants for Metabolite Production. [Student Project Report]

Sikha, Gopinath (2010) Sensory Profiling and Positioning of Market Samples of Potato Chips. [Student Project Report]

Sindhu, S. (2010) Preparation of Full Fat Mustard Powder with increased Pungency and Reduced Bitterness. [Student Project Report]

Sindhu, Gopinathan Pillai (2010) Tissue culture studies and Genetic transformation in Capsicum sp and Eggplant. [Student Project Report]

Sinduja, K. (2010) Fractionation of Conserves from Coriander Fruits and their Antioxidant Potential. [Student Project Report]

Sirisha, Yadlapati (2010) Physico chemical Analysis and quality characteristics of Large Scale Processed Coriander Fruits using Infra red energy. [Student Project Report]

Sneha, S.K. (2010) Utilisation of Spice Spents. [Student Project Report]

Sneha, Sehwag (2010) Preparation of Ready-to-Eat Weaning Food. [Student Project Report]

Sougaijam Surendro, Singh (2010) Production of Communited Lime Beverages. [Student Project Report]

Sowmya, B. (2010) Isolation and Characterization of Yeast Microflora Involved in Coffee Pulp Effluent Degradation. [Student Project Report]

Sowmya, N. (2010) Yeast microflora from lesser known fermented foods. [Student Project Report]

Srinivasan, P. (2010) Numerical Modelling of Selected Food Processing Operations. [Student Project Report]

Sruthi Rao, K.R. and Prashanti, R. (2010) Demucilization of Coffee Beans using Enzymes. [Student Project Report]

Subitha, R. (2010) Bioactive Peptides from Groundnut. [Student Project Report]

Sudhanva, M. S. (2010) A study on the Class III Endochitinase of Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) seeds. [Student Project Report]

Sudhir Kumar, Dohre (2010) A Study on Stability of Blended and Interesterified Oils from Niger Seed Oil and Palm Oil. [Student Project Report]

Sudip, Sinha (2010) Characterization of Ionic and Mixed Reverse Micelles. [Student Project Report]

Sumeet, S. Devidan (2010) Studies on Size reduction of Rice. [Student Project Report]

Sumona, Mukherjee (2010) Coating Process: Simulation studies and Validation of results Employing Neural Network. [Student Project Report]

Sunain, Tania Valiulla (2010) Phenolics and Saponins from Karanja (Pongamia Glabra) Seed Meal and their Biological Activities. [Student Project Report]

Sunil, Kumar (2010) Affinity Based Reverse Micellar Extraction and Separation (ARMES)of Bromelain from Pineapple (Ananas comosus). [Student Project Report]

Sunil, L. (2010) Effect of Blending Groundnut and Sunflower oils with minor oils on the storage and chemical stability. [Student Project Report]

Supraja, Prasad (2010) Isolation and Characterization of Horsegram (Dolichos Biflorus) Proteins. [Student Project Report]

Supreeth Shankar, Kurthukoti (2010) Phenolics and Furano-Flavonoids from Karanja (Pongamia Pinnata) Seed Oil and their Antioxidant Activities. [Student Project Report]

Suresh, Kumar (2010) Downstream Processing of Invertase from Baker`S Yeast using Aqueous Two Phase Extraction. [Student Project Report]

Surya Prakash, P. (2010) Reverse Micellar Extraction Coupled Adsorption for Purification of Bromelain. [Student Project Report]

Swaroop, Kanwar (2010) Antioxidant Activity of Protein Hydrolysate obtained from Fermentation of Fish Head Waste. [Student Project Report]

Swathi, P. (2010) Screening of pediocin PA-1 producing lactic acid bacteria and their characterization by RAPD. [Student Project Report]

Swetha, K. (2010) Studies on Correlation between Protein Solubility and Extraction of Saponins from Karanja Seed. [Student Project Report]

Swetha, N. (2010) Galactooligosaccharides: By transgalactosylation of lactose using intracellular β-galactosidase from potent probiotic. [Student Project Report]

Syed Dawood, Ahmed Mujtaba (2010) Identification and Safety Evaluation of Enterococcus faecium Acr4 with Special Emphasis on Molecular Characterization of Phytase. [Student Project Report]

Syeda, Sadia Banu (2010) Analysis of Benzimidazole and Benzothiazole Fungicide Residues by Spectrophotometry. [Student Project Report]


Tamil Selvam, R. (2010) Biofunctions of Extracts from Brown Seaweeds. [Student Project Report]

Tejasri, Purushothama (2010) Studies of Different Functional Properties of the Given Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria. [Student Project Report]

Tejaswini, M.S. (2010) Biotechnological Production of Lipoxygenase Inhibitors. [Student Project Report]

Thamaraiselvi, R. (2010) Analysis of Rhizospheric and Microbial Diversity of Soil from Himalyan Region. [Student Project Report]

Tharani, R. (2010) Studies on Qualities of Pasta as influenced by Triticum dicoccum and Optimization of Processing conditions. [Student Project Report]

Thejas, M. Ponnappa (2010) Analysis of Rhizospheric Microbial Diversity of Himalayan Soil by A.R.D.R.A. [Student Project Report]


Usha, S. (2010) A Study of Microstructure in Selected Food Material during Processing. [Student Project Report]


Vaani, M. (2010) Influence of Fructooligosaccharides on Pasta Processing. [Student Project Report]

Vaitheeswaran, V. (2010) Genetic Transformation of Capsicum and Cloning of Genes for Value Addition. [Student Project Report]

Varun Kumar, S. (2010) Isolation and Characterization of Starches and Flours from Cereals. [Student Project Report]

Venkatesh., D.K.S.S.S.R.M. (2010) Study of Mass Transfer Phenomena During Frying of Potato Slice. [Student Project Report]

Vignesh, V . (2010) Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity of Extracts from the Red and Green Seaweeds from Indian Waters. [Student Project Report]

Vikrant, N. Badgujar (2010) Extraction of Phenol from Aqueous Effluents using Supported Liquid Membrane. [Student Project Report]

Vimal, G (2010) Mechanism of Aflatoxin Binding with Yeast Cell. [Student Project Report]

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