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Aarthy, M. (2009) Bioactive Conserve from Unconventionally Processed Cumin Seeds. [Student Project Report]

Aastha, Deswal (2009) In-vitro Bioactivity Studies and Food Incorporation of Chilli Carotenoids. [Student Project Report]

Abhishek, M.S. and Sai Sachin, K.B. and Suyog, Y. (2009) Development of Biofunctional Components Rich Food Ingredients from Rice Bran. [Student Project Report]

Abisha Crystal, A. S. (2009) Isolation and Characterization of Antioxidant Principles from the Flowers of Peltophorum Ferrugineum. [Student Project Report]

Aditya, Sanyal (2009) Heat Transfer Analysis of Rapid Cooling of Eggs using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation. [Student Project Report]

Afreen, Banu (2009) Chitinase and β-N-acetyl-D-hexosaminidase from Phytopathogenic Fungi by Solid State Fermentation. [Student Project Report]

Ahamed Ifthikar Marican, M. (2009) Optimisation of Cultural Conditions for Enhanced Polyketide Pigment Production by Solid-State Fermentation of Monascus purpureus. [Student Project Report]

Ahammed Fiyas, K. (2009) Studies on Development of value added Dehydrated Products from Mango Varieties Sindura, Mallika and Totapuri and other Fruit Pulps. [Student Project Report]

Alekhya, Robbi and Vadapalli, Sreelakshmi (2009) Stabilization of ADH activity by Microencapsulation. [Student Project Report]

Ali Muhammed, M. (2009) Isolation and characterization of Lipolytic and proteolytic lactic acid bacteria from fish industry waste. [Student Project Report]

Anand Paul, D. (2009) Thermization and Pasteurization of Canned Milk using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulations. [Student Project Report]

Ananthanarayan, T.R. (2009) Effect of Raw and Toasted Green Gram (Phaseolus aureus Roxb) Flour on Chapathi making Quality of Whole Wheat Flour. [Student Project Report]

Aniketh, Bafna and Rakesh Ramesh Kamath, C. and Tejasvi Raj, B. (2009) Preparation of Flakes from Oats and Buckwheat – Biotechnological Approaches. [Student Project Report]

Anitha, P. (2009) Role of Na+ K+ ATPase in Cytotoxic Cell Death. [Student Project Report]

Anjani Kumar, Tiwari (2009) Sensory Profiling and Positioning of Selected Commercial Sweet (Mysore Pak). [Student Project Report]

Anjida Nausheen, A.P. (2009) Influence of Different Protein Sources on Processing of Pasta. [Student Project Report]

Anmol Kumar, Chopra and Subhojit, Roy and Vishal, Singh (2009) Isolation and Characterization of Starch from Moth Bean (Vigna Aconitifolia). [Student Project Report]

Anshuman, Pandey (2009) Optimal Container Design Using Mathematical Models and Program PACKIT. [Student Project Report]

Anuradha, S. (2009) Effect of Fortification of Iron on Quality of Nutrient Supplements. [Student Project Report]

Anusha, N. (2009) Optimization of the conditions for the Fermentation of Malted Finger Millet Seed Coat using Phytic acid degrading Lactic Acid Bacteria. [Student Project Report]

Anusha, P. (2009) Molecular Characterization of Bacteriocin Producing LAB by Quorum Sensing Mechanism. [Student Project Report]

Anusree, M. Nair (2009) Studies on Antibodies for Biosensor Application. [Student Project Report]

Anusuya, Borah (2009) New approaches for the Extraction of Chilli Pigments. [Student Project Report]

Anvitha, G. Hebse (2009) Pathogenic potential genes in food isolates of Staphylococci. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Aparna, M.B (2009) Optimization of Inoculum for enhanced Polyketide pigment production by Solid State Fermentation of Monascus purpureus. [Student Project Report]

Aparna, Pathak (2009) Comparative Quality Evaluation of Commercial Extruded Snacks. [Student Project Report]

Archana, J. and Madhumitha, S. and Valiammai, A. (2009) Influence of Blackgram Flour on Pasta Processing. [Student Project Report]

Archana, K. M. (2009) Characterization of Polyhydroxyalkanoates Produced by Bacillus Species with Different Polymeric Substrates. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Arif, Hussain (2009) Physical, Biochemical and Molecular Analyses of Nitric Oxide Involvement in Banana (var. Cavendish) Fruit Ripening. [Student Project Report]

Arjun, Rastogi (2009) Characterization of Quantum Dot Bioconjugates for the Development of Fret Based Biosensor Formats. [Student Project Report]

Ashaasri, B. (2009) Transformation of Polyphenols in Fruits and its Waste – Wine from Cashew Apple and Coffee Pulp. [Student Project Report]

Ashish Kumar, Agarwal (2009) Studies on Biological Activities of Simarouba Glauca Phytochemicals (Phenolics). [Student Project Report]

Asma Nazreen, K. A (2009) Separation of Germ from Rice Bran and Studies on its Chemical Properties. [Student Project Report]

Aswathi, K. (2009) Studies on Phosphorothioates of Vanillin. [Student Project Report]

Avinash Kumar, D. (2009) Studies on Phenol Oxidases of Wheat. [Student Project Report]


Badiger, Santhosh S. and Niveditha, M. (2009) Isolation of Proteins from Aged Garlic Extract (AGE) and their Effect on Lymphocytes and Macrophages. [Student Project Report]

Baswaraju, B. (2009) Extraction of Pectin from various Vegetables and Fruits. [Student Project Report]

Bhanu Tanuricha, Pande (2009) Studies on Preparation of Garlic Paste in Retort Pouches. [Student Project Report]

Bharathi Raja, S. (2009) Interactive effect of Pesticides and Entomopathogens against Rhizopertha Dominica (Lesser Grain Borer). [Student Project Report]

Bhavani, P.V. (2009) Detection of Arsenic in Water Sample by Immunoassay Method. [Student Project Report]

Bhavna, R. (2009) Stability of Microencapsulated Iron Compounds. [Student Project Report]

Bhavya, H. T. (2009) Transformation of Polyphenols in Fruits during Fermentation – Wine from Passion Fruit. [Student Project Report]

Bhavya Shree, K.T. (2009) Studies on Isolation of Conserves from Processed Cumin Seeds and Evaluation of Antioxidant Potential. [Student Project Report]

Biplav, Shrestha (2009) Production of Lactose derived Oligosaccharides by Microbial β-galactosidase mediated Transgalactosylation. [Student Project Report]

Boomathi, S. (2009) Purification of Acidic Proteases from Chicken Intestine by Aqueous Two Phase System (Atps). [Student Project Report]


Chaitra Nayaka, M.K. (2009) Storage Characteristics of Minor Millets. [Student Project Report]

Chandana, E. (2009) Isolation of Polyphenols from Triage Coffee Beans. [Student Project Report]

Chandra Kala, C. (2009) In vitro responses in Coffee species for Indoleamine treatments. [Student Project Report]

Chandrakanth, N. (2009) Functional Food Formulation using Bacteriocinogenic Phytate Degrading Lactic Acid Bacteria. [Student Project Report]

Chandrasekhar, J. (2009) Extraction and Adsorption for the purification of anthocyanin pigments from red cabbage. [Student Project Report]

Chanukya, B. S. (2009) De-Alcoholization and Extraction of Organic Acids using Liquid Emulsion Membranes. [Student Project Report]

Cicily, Shiny (2009) Characterization of Acidic Proteases from Poultry Intestine. [Student Project Report]


Dash, Swagatika (2009) Microbiological Study of Thermal Processed Laddu. [Student Project Report]

David Yesu Raj, A. (2009) Isolation and Screening of Spore Forming Bacteria from Food Commodities and their Anti-Microbial Activity. [Student Project Report]

Debabrata, Patra (2009) Effect of Enzymes Treatments on Coffee. [Student Project Report]

Deepa Shree, C.L. (2009) Utilization of Coffee Husk for the Production of Cellulose by Gluconacetobacter. [Student Project Report]

Deepti, Bhat (2009) Characterization of Enzymes Produced by Bacillus species. [Student Project Report]

Deepu, E. (2009) Studies on Evaluation of Suitability of Mango Varieties Sindura, Mallika and Totapuri for Processing into Canned Products and Development of Blended Ready to Serve Beverages. [Student Project Report]

Deviprasad, K. and Girish, H.R. and Priyak, Chakraborty (2009) Algal Cultivation and Extraction of Pigment by Microfiltration. [Student Project Report]

Dipjyoti, Saha (2009) Characteristics of Gellan Gum Based Food Gels. [Student Project Report]

Divya, M. (2009) Screening and Identification of Antibiotic Resistant Lactic Acid Bacteria from Fermented Foods. [Student Project Report]

Divya Deepa, N. and Rashmi, D. (2009) Proteolytic Bacteria associated with Poultry Intestine. [Student Project Report]

Divya Rani, H.R. (2009) Detection Of DDT by Using Microbial Enzyme. [Student Project Report]

Divya, T. R. (2009) Isolation and Bioefficacy of β-Carotene from an Unexplored Plant Source. [Student Project Report]

Divyashree, M. (2009) Media Optimization for Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates by Bacillus species. [Student Project Report]


Edwin, James and Meka Shivanand, Yashasvi (2009) Automation of Sensory Booth Systems. [Student Project Report]

Elizabeth, George (2009) Effect of Coating and Pressure Frying on the Quality of Fried Chicken. [Student Project Report]


Freddy, Jose (2009) Enzyme Degradation Studies on Fluorescent Aib Containing Peptides. [Student Project Report]


Gandhi, N. (2009) Screening of peroxidases in various fruits and vegetable wastes and partial purification and characterization from the screened rich source. [Student Project Report]

Ganesh, G Sompur (2009) Extraction of Anthocyanins from Garcinia indica Choisy. [Student Project Report]

Gayatri, Bahal (2009) Effect of Oxidative Enzymes of Wheat Germ on the Biochemical and Rheological Characteristics of Bakery Products. [Student Project Report]

Geetanjali, Deshpande (2009) Development of Low Glycemic Index Food Containing Bioactives. [Student Project Report]

Gurushree, M. N. and Nandini, C. R. and Pratheeksha, K. (2009) Design and Development of Chapati Presser with an Extruder for Preparing Muruku. [Student Project Report]


Hazel, Preethi J. (2009) Isolation, Purification and Partial Characterization of DDMS- Dehydrochlorinase from Pseudomonas Dimunita. [Student Project Report]


Irfan, P.K (2009) Storage Studies of Fig Fruits (Ficus Carica, L.) for Shelf Life Extension and Quality Maintenance. [Student Project Report]

Irfan Ali, K. (2009) Enhanced synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates and -amylase by Bacillus sp. [Student Project Report]


Jacintha, Esther (2009) Frying Studies of Potato Strips using Dry Coating Materials. [Student Project Report]

Jahnavi, S.P. (2009) Binding Property of Aflatoxin by Wild Yeast and their Identification. [Student Project Report]

Jai Sheela Marry, S.R. (2009) Safety and Nutritional Evaluation of Bakery Products with Special Reference to Fats used for their Preparation. [Student Project Report]

Jini, V.A. (2009) Studies on Sugar Substitute Syrup Formulation. [Student Project Report]

Jini, R. (2009) Isolation and Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Fish Industry Waste. [Student Project Report]

Jini, V.A. (2009) Studies on Sugar Substitute Syrup Formulation. [Student Project Report]

Jyothi, G.M. (2009) Dietary Fiber in Coffee. [Student Project Report]

Jyotsna, K. (2009) Amla Based Nutra Cereal Bar. [Student Project Report]


Kalaipriya, B. (2009) Production of Enzymes from Coffee Waste under Solid State Fermentation using Neurospora Sp. [Student Project Report]

Kalimatha, Vattem (2009) Molecular Cloning Of Genes Involved in the Degradation of γ-Hexachlorocyclohexane. [Student Project Report]

Kasirajan, N. (2009) Kinetic studies on Growth and Glucose Consumption of Lactic Acid Bacteria L. helveticus and a Kanjika isolate. [Student Project Report]

Kavya, B.K. (2009) Isolation of Bio-actives from Coffee Arabica Cherry. [Student Project Report]

Kavyashree, K.V. (2009) Sugar Confections Based on Amla. [Student Project Report]

Kishore, V. (2009) Investigation of Structural and Mineral content changes during the Enzymatic Extraction of Pectin from Orange Rind. [Student Project Report]

Koijam, Anupriya (2009) Physico-Chemical Properties of Rice Flakes prepared after Bio-processing. [Student Project Report]

Kokila, G. (2009) A Study on Autoxidation of Triglycerides and Fatty Acids of Linseed Oil. [Student Project Report]

Krishnendu, Mohan (2009) Effect of Raw and Toasted Red Gram (cajanus cajan L) Flour on Chapathi making Quality of Whole Wheat Flour. [Student Project Report]

Krupa, D. (2009) Extraction, Purification and Concentration of Canthaxanthin from Aspergillus Carbonarius. [Student Project Report]

Kruthika, K. (2009) Production of Galactooligosaccharides by using β-Galactosidase from Lactic Acid Bacteria. [Student Project Report]

Kruthy, R. (2009) Potential Anti-Cancer and Anti-Ulcer Compounds from Selected Dietary Sources. [Student Project Report]


Lavanya, H.R. (2009) Evaluation of Probiotic properties of Lactic acid bacteria and interaction with Prebiotic. [Student Project Report]


Madona Lien, Paul (2009) ELISA based Detection of Vitamin B12. [Student Project Report]

Mahalakshmi, M. (2009) Characterization of Polyhydroxyalkanoates Produced by Bacillus spp. from Starch Containing Medium. [Student Project Report]

Mahesh Kiran, M. (2009) A Comparative Study on In Vitro Inhibition of Carboxylesterase by Organophosphorus Insecticides (OPI) variations in Tissue Sensitivity and the Inhibitory Potential. [Student Project Report]

Maheswaran, N. (2009) Aflatoxin binding by Food grade Fermented Food Yeast. [Student Project Report]

Malathi, T.V. (2009) Isolation of Glycosaminoglycans(GAG) from Red Blood Cells of Rat. [Student Project Report]

Malavika Devi, K. (2009) Quality Evaluation of Ginger from North East India and its Value Addition. [Student Project Report]

Malhotra, Deepti (2009) An Investigation of Pasteurisation of Eggs using Computational Fluid Dynamics (Cfd)Simulations. [Student Project Report]

Manasa, B. (2009) Potentiation of Endosulfan Induced Oxidative Stress by Thiram. [Student Project Report]

Manasa, K. S. (2009) Study on Frying of Poori using Coconut Oil Blends. [Student Project Report]

Manasa, P. (2009) Characterization of Polyhydroxyalkanoates Producing Bacillus species. [Student Project Report]

Manjit Singh, Sidhu (2009) Effect of Antioxidants on Quality Characteristics of Shelf Stable Egg based Ready to Eat Product (Egg crunchy bites). [Student Project Report]

Maturi, Varun (2009) Study Of Technological Properties Of Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated From Soy Pulp (Glycine max.). [Student Project Report]

Meena, Narendra Kumar (2009) Changes in Fat and Fatty Acids during Deep Fat Frying in Commercial Catering Establishments and Fast Food Joints. [Student Project Report]

Meghana, C. R. and Rashmi, S. A. and Sandya, S. (2009) Effect of Processing on In-Vitro Digestibility of Carbohydrates. [Student Project Report]

Mehtab Singh, Mann (2009) Development of Intranet Messaging Application for Larger Enterprises. [Student Project Report]

Mekala, Gummadi (2009) Migration studies on Plastic Food Packaging Materials. [Student Project Report]

Mhatre Jayesh, Dinesh (2009) Separation and Characterisation of Low Polar Anti-Oxidant Molecules from Ginger. [Student Project Report]

Mohan Kumar, N. S. (2009) Isolation, Purification and Characterization of DDD- Dehydrochlorinase from Pseudomonas stutzeri. [Student Project Report]

Mrinal, Ranjan and Sudipta Kumar, Mitra and Ramya, Ramakrishnan (2009) Characterization of the Biotic Elicitor Fraction for Annatto Pigment Improvement. [Student Project Report]

Ms., Myna (2009) Immobilization of Microbial Cells for Biodecaffeination. [Student Project Report]

Ms., Shweta and Subhashini, J. N (2009) Preparation and Characterization of Biodegradable Modified Chitosan Films for Food Packaging. [Student Project Report]

Ms., Soumya (2009) Carbon Tetrachloride induced Oxidative Stress and Cellular Injury in Liver and Hindbrain of Rats. [Student Project Report]

Muninarayana, R. (2009) Role of Constituents of Fat in Foaming and Absorption of Fat during Frying. [Student Project Report]

Murali, Krishnan (2009) Influence of Natural Ingredients in Pasta Products Development. [Student Project Report]

Mythili, R. (2009) Microbiological Study of Thermal Processed Chapati. [Student Project Report]

Mythri, B. (2009) A Study on the Survival of Staphylococcus Aureus isolated from Processed Dairy Products. [Student Project Report]


Nagalakshmi, V. (2009) A Study on Decolorization of Deodorizer Distillate from Soyabean Oil and Rice Bran Oil. [Student Project Report]

Nagashree, A.H. (2009) Amelioration of Ethanol Induced Oxidative Stress by the Root Extract of Decalepis Hamiltonii in the Cerebrum of Rat Brain. [Student Project Report]

Nagashri, H.V (2009) Characterization of Edible Oils. [Student Project Report]

Nagendra Kumar, Gautam (2009) Sensory Profiling and Positioning of Selected Commercial Snack (Sohan Halwa). [Student Project Report]

Nandini, B. (2009) Oil Stability and Retention of Nutraceuticals during Repeated Heating of Vegetable Oil. [Student Project Report]

Nandini, Mitra (2009) Microbial Transglutaminase: Production, Purification and Application. [Student Project Report]

Narayanamma, D. (2009) Bioactive Compounds from Mango Peel and Wheat Bran and their Antioxidant and Anti-Aggregation Properties of Mangopeel. [Student Project Report]

Naveen kumar, N. (2009) Production and Therapeutic Properties of Jamun (Syzygium Cumini) Fruit Wine. [Student Project Report]

Navneet Singh, Deora (2009) Pressure Frying of French Fries. [Student Project Report]

Neema, K.N (2009) Electro-extraction of Alcohol Dehydrogenase from Baker’s Yeast using Aqueous Two-phase Systems. [Student Project Report]

Nilabha, Bhattacharya (2009) Multi Channel Process Measurements in Food Industries. [Student Project Report]

Nisha, Karunakaran (2009) Physicochemical and Textural Changes of Cereal Dough during Enzyme Processing. [Student Project Report]

Niveditha, S and Mr., Vrushabhendrappa (2009) Isolation and Characterisation of Carotenogenic Bacteria from Marine Environment. [Student Project Report]


Padmavathi, P. (2009) Production of Chitinases from Phytopathogenic Fungi by Solid State Fermentation Using Shrimp Waste. [Student Project Report]

Parameshwaran, G. (2009) Immunodetection of Cadmium in Food Sample. [Student Project Report]

Parina, Garg (2009) Formulation and Quality Evaluation of Millet based Snack Food. [Student Project Report]

Paulina, Suganthi A (2009) Differential Partitioning of Betalains Using Aqueous Bi-Phasic Systems. [Student Project Report]

Phijam, Surjakanta (2009) Determination of Antioxidant activity in Adhatoda Vasica and its application in Orange RTS Beverage. [Student Project Report]

Poornima, B.S (2009) Studies on Snacks from Modified Cereal Flours and Potato. [Student Project Report]

Prakruthi, H.R. (2009) Physical Chemistry of Aqueous Two Phase System and Partitioning of Biomolecule. [Student Project Report]

Prasanna Kumar, E.R. (2009) Protease Derived Bioactive Peptides of Food Origin. [Student Project Report]

Pratheep Kumar, P. (2009) Studies on Carotenoid Pigments of Rhodotorula Gracilis – Cfr-1: Its Effect on Layers’ Eggs. [Student Project Report]

Prathima, M.S. (2009) Hypocholesterolemic Activity of Probiotic Bacteria and Yeast. [Student Project Report]

Praveena, B. (2009) Purification of Acidic Proteases from Chicken Intestine using Aqueous Two Phase Systems. [Student Project Report]

Priya, P.B. (2009) Study on Lipolysis of Rice bran,Linseed and Olive oils. [Student Project Report]

Priya Namrata, Topno and Vinothini, S. (2009) Studies on Preparation of Shelf Stable Ginger-Garlic Paste in Retort Pouches. [Student Project Report]

Priya Rani, O. (2009) Development of Nutritionally Enriched Dried Fruits (Apple and Pineapple) by Vacuum Impregnation and Dehydration. [Student Project Report]

Priyanka, Dolly (2009) A Study on Microencapsulation of Lactobacillus Plantarum. [Student Project Report]

Priyanka, Uday (2009) The Evaluation of Micro algal Biomass and their Products for Vitamin B12 and other Nutraceutically Important Compounds. [Student Project Report]

Punith Kumar, R. (2009) Preparation of Ready to Eat Product from Pigmented Rice. [Student Project Report]

Punya Pallabi, Mishra (2009) A Novel approach for the Production of High-Purity Fructooligosaccharides using Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. [Student Project Report]

Punya Pallabi, Mishra (2009) A novel approach for the Production of High-Purity Fructooligosaccharides using Saccharomyces cerevisiae. [Student Project Report]


Radhika, Ramachandran (2009) Heat Transfer Analysis of Pasteurization of Egg using Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations. [Student Project Report]

Raghu, K. S. (2009) Textural and Physicochemical Changes of Non-wheat Cereal Dough after Processing. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Rajkumar, K. (2009) Aflatoxins in Rhizosphere and Rhizoplane of Maize Plants: A Case Study of Certain Villages of Perambalur District - Tamil Nadu. [Student Project Report]

Rakshitha, H. R. (2009) A Study on Microencapsulation of Peltophorum Ferrugineum Flower Extract. [Student Project Report]

Rameez Kareem, K.C. (2009) Therapeutic and antimicrobial metabolites of monascus fermented millets and cereals. [Student Project Report]

Ramesh, Devadig and Sumitha, V.S. and Sunil, Nandihalli and Praveen, Biradar (2009) Analysis of Essential Minerals in Fruit Extracts Rich in Natural Pigment and Antioxidant Properties. [Student Project Report]

Ramya, N. (2009) A Molecular Method for Identifying Basmati Rice. [Student Project Report]

Ranjini, A.R (2009) Effect Of Reducing Agent(β-Mercaptoethanol) On Curcumin (BiophysicalApproaches). [Student Project Report]

Rari, K.G (2009) Microbiological and Molecular Identification of Microbes Isolated from Cereal and Milk Based Products. [Student Project Report]

Rasagy, Sharma (2009) A Study of Customer Inquiries and Developing Applications for Database Management and Trend Analysis. [Student Project Report]

Rashmi, Kumari (2009) Use of Oils, Additives on Rheological Fatty Acid Profile and Quality Characteristics of Fat Replaced, Zero TFA Cakes. [Student Project Report]

Rasmi, E. (2009) Studies on sensitivity of Bacteriocin defective Mutants of Lactic Acid Bacteria against different Antimicrobial Compounds. [Student Project Report]

Rebello, Averil Rinita (2009) Effect of Reducing Agents on Curcumin-Biophysical Approaches. [Student Project Report]

Reshma, Hegde and Sowjanya, V. (2009) Extraction of Organic Acids using Liquid Emulsion Membranes. [Student Project Report]

Revathi, C. Sekar (2009) Studies on Anti-lithogenic Potential Fenugreek Seeds. [Student Project Report]

Rex, Austin (2009) Spectrophotometric and Fluorimetric Analysis of Fungicide and Insecticide Residues. [Student Project Report]

Rinky, Dandapat (2009) Mechanism of Bioactivity of Peltophorum Ferrugineum Flower Extracts. [Student Project Report]


S.Mohamed, Azarudeen (2009) Biochemical and Microbiological quality attributes of Cauliflower (Brassica oleraceae cv botrytis) during Storage. [Student Project Report]

Sahil, Sharma (2009) Field Assisted Drying for Improved Product Quality. [Student Project Report]

Sai Jyotsna, L. (2009) Studies on Ginger Paste in Retort Pouches. [Student Project Report]

Sajna, T.J. (2009) Preparation of Phosphorothioate of 2-Aminobenzimidazole and Toxicity Studies. [Student Project Report]

Salman, Subiki C. (2009) Response of Cashew Apple (Anacardium Occidentale L.) to the Surface Coatings with Calcium Salts under Low Temperature Storage Conditions. [Student Project Report]

Sam, Joy (2009) Recovery of Oil from Fish Processing Waste by Enzymatic Approach. [Student Project Report]

Sampurna, S. (2009) Application of Low Trans Speciality Fat in Selected Foods. [Student Project Report]

Sandhya, Hegde (2009) Protease Activity during Storage of Pineapple and its effect on Pathogenesis(Ceratocystis Paradoxa). [Student Project Report]

Sandhya Rani, A.K. (2009) Effect of Processing on Quality and Stability of Trans and Trans Free Fat. [Student Project Report]

Sandhyaa, V. (2009) Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Lactoperoxidase from Acid Whey. [Student Project Report]

Sangeetha, Vijaykumar (2009) Sugarcane Bagasse – A By-Product of Sugar Industry, Its Characterisation and Utilization in the Preparation of High Fiber Biscuits. [Student Project Report]

Sarangi, B. K. (2009) Purification of Alkaline Proteases from Poultry intestine by Aqueous Two Phase System (ATPS). [Student Project Report]

Sasireka, M (2009) Molecular Chacterization of Pediocin PA1 Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Food Samples. [Student Project Report]

Shivani, Bansal (2009) Effect of Wheat Germ in Preparation of Biscuits. [Student Project Report]

Shruthi, B. and Shruthi, G .S and Sindu, T. V and Sneha, Pandey (2009) Design and Development of Innovative Online Semolina Drier. [Student Project Report]

Shruthi, B.R. (2009) Neuroprotective Potential of the Root Extract of Decalepis Hamiltonii Against Ethanol Induced Oxidative Stress in the Cerebellum of Rat Brian. [Student Project Report]

Shruthi, T. (2009) Analysis of Diterpene profiles in Coffea sps. [Student Project Report]

Shruthi Pai, P. (2009) Synthetic Tripeptides as Inhibitors of Angiotensin I‐Converting Enzyme. [Student Project Report]

Shubha, J. R. (2009) Studies on Storage Stability of Dried Polyketide Pigments Produced by Solid-State Fermentation of Monascus Purpureus. [Student Project Report]

Shwetha, D. (2009) Characterization of Snack from Different Blends of Pulses with Potato. [Student Project Report]

Somayajula, Deepti and Gante, Bhavani (2009) Comparitive Study on Microwave & Traditional Deep Fat Frying of Potato Slices and Fryums. [Student Project Report]

Soumya, Radhakrishnan (2009) Detection of Enterotoxigenic Genes in Food Isolates of Staphylococci. [Student Project Report]

Soumya, Radhakrishnan (2009) Detection of Enterotoxigenic genes in Food isolates of Staphylococci. [Student Project Report]

Sowmya, G. (2009) Studies on osmo-air dehydration of sapota slices. [Student Project Report]

Sowmyashree, G. (2009) Isolation and Evaluation of Antioxidant Conserves in Coriander Fruit. [Student Project Report]

Sravanthi, K. (2009) Studies on Changes in Properties of Proteins and other Biomolecules during Formation of Dough from Wheat Flour. [Student Project Report]

Sreekanth, M. S (2009) Effect of different carbon and nitrogen sources on Polyhydroxyalkanoates and α-amylase production by Bacillus cereus. [Student Project Report]

Sreenivas Reddy, B. (2009) Preparation of Protein Hydrolysates from Fish Egg. [Student Project Report]

Srividya, R. (2009) Degradation of Polyphenols by Yeast-Coffee husk Polyphenol transformation by Clavispora. [Student Project Report]

Subashini, P. (2009) Potential of Coffee Waste in Enzyme Production under Solid-State Fermentation using Penicillium sp. [Student Project Report]

Suggu, Kaushik (2009) Preparation of Maize Flakes from Grits by Steaming. [Student Project Report]

Sujata Dutta, Gupta (2009) In-vitro Characterization and Bioactivity Studies of Xylooligosaccharides. [Student Project Report]

Suma, V.S. (2009) Physical Modifications of Broken Rice. [Student Project Report]

Sumanth Bharadwaj, K.S. (2009) Ripening-Specific Molecular and Biochemical Studies and in vitro Propagation of Banana. [Student Project Report]

Supariya, S. (2009) Prediction of Molecular Structures Of DDT Dehydrohalogenase and Docking. [Student Project Report]

Surabhi, R. (2009) Isolation of Xylooligosaccharides from Rice Bran and determination of their Antioxidant activity. [Student Project Report]

Sushma, E. B. (2009) Studies on the Hypocholesterolemic Efficacy of Whey Protein Hydrolysate. [Student Project Report]

Swaminathan, R. (2009) Production Processing and Aanalysis of Animal Research Diets. [Student Project Report]

Swapna, Patil B. (2009) Studies on Sugar Substitute Sprinkler Formulations. [Student Project Report]

Swarna, Gowri (2009) Isolation and Characterization of Pediocin PA-1 Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria. [Student Project Report]


Tanya, Malhotra (2009) Specificity of Glycosyltransferases from Aspergillus Oryzae MTCC 5154 on Sucrose and Maltose: Production of Prebiotic Fructo- and Isomaltooligosaccharides. [Student Project Report]

Tripti, Mainani (2009) Value Addition to Byproducts of Coconut Processing. [Student Project Report]


Vaibhav, Pareek (2009) Development of Predictive Models using Data Mining Software for R&D Institutes. [Student Project Report]

Vandana, Joshi (2009) Dialyzability of Iron and Zinc from Food Matrices with Varying Levels of Protein. [Student Project Report]

Vandana, Thammaiah (2009) Scouting of Enzymes Involved in the Degradation of Cellulosic Material from Native Organism. [Student Project Report]

Vasu, Sharma (2009) Quality Evaluation of Fruits using Digital Image Processing. [Student Project Report]

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