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Student Project Report

Aswathy, K.G. (2008) Rheology and Guar Gum Addition Study of Microbial Lipase Solution. [Student Project Report]

Aastha, Deswal (2008) Functional Foods and Beverages: Recent Trends. [Student Project Report]

Abhijna, P. (2008) Biotechnological Approach for the Processing and Product Development of Finger Millet. [Student Project Report]

Abhilash, Thankachan (2008) Purification and drying of biomolecules using aqueous two phase systems. [Student Project Report]

Abhilash, Thankachan (2008) Drying for Downstream Processing of Biomolecules. [Student Project Report]

Achal, Gogia and Mukesh, Sharma and Lalit, Prakash (2008) Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction of Lipase from Rice Bran. [Student Project Report]

Ajeet, Kumar (2008) Recent Developments in the Technologies for Dehydration of Fruits and Vegetables. [Student Project Report]

Ajeet, Kumar (2008) Development of Processed Products from Plum (Prunus Domestica L). [Student Project Report]

Akshatha, A. (2008) Partial Characterization of Bacteriocin Producced by Native Isolates Of Enteroccocus and Pediococcus Species. [Student Project Report]

Amit, Ranjan (2008) Migration and development of interfaces for web enabled access to Oracle database. [Student Project Report]

Amrutha, Ch. (2008) Studies on Natural Colorants from Microalgae and their Food Applications. [Student Project Report]

Anand Paul, D. (2008) Computational Fluid Dynamics: Applications to Food Processing. [Student Project Report]

Anil Kumar, Yadav (2008) Studies on alpha glucosidase inhibitors from microbial source. [Student Project Report]

Anirudh, M.V.R. (2008) Effect of unconventional processing on the chemical composition of volatiles from cumin. [Student Project Report]

Anitha, S. (2008) Degradation of Polyphenols By Mycotypha. [Student Project Report]

Anjum, Khanam (2008) Bioavailability of Iron, Calcium and Zinc in Supplementary Food Formulations. [Student Project Report]

Anuradha, K. (2008) Vanilla – Science of its Cultivation, Processing and Nutraceutical Values. [Student Project Report]

Anuradha, K. (2008) Studies on the Preparation of Natural Vanilla Flavoured Biscuits. [Student Project Report]

Anuradha, S. N. (2008) Biotechnological approaches for enhancing Functional and Surface Properties of Whey and Seed Proteins and to study their Interactions. [Student Project Report] (Unpublished)

Anusuya, Borah (2008) Aquaresins from Spices. [Student Project Report]

Apurva, B.S (2008) Nutritional And Therapeutic Properties Of Phyllanthus Embilica (Amla) Wine. [Student Project Report]

Archana, B.S. (2008) Effect of Food Matrix on Flavour Perception with Reference to Vanillin and Cardamom In Halwa. [Student Project Report]

Arjun, H.R (2008) Synthesis of Glycerides of short and medium chain fatty acids. [Student Project Report]

Arunkumar, R. (2008) Screening of Pediocin Pa-1 Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria by Pcr. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Bala Raghava Kumar, T. and Nivishna, Venkatraj (2008) Formulation of Food Colours from Monascus Purpureus. [Student Project Report]

Basamma, B.C. (2008) Microbiology of Fermented Foods. [Student Project Report]

Bhavya, B.S (2008) Biological activity of Indian borage (Plectranthus amboinicus). [Student Project Report]

Bijinu, B. (2008) Enzymatic Hydrolysis of seaweed proteins. [Student Project Report]

Binod, Prasad (2008) Effect of casein and oat flour on the quality characteristics of low fat, high fibre chicken kofta. [Student Project Report]

Bismi, Angel John (2008) Involement of indoleamines in in vitro plant tissue differentiation. [Student Project Report]

Chaitra Nayaka, M.K. (2008) Current Practices and Future Trends in Packaging of Food Grains. [Student Project Report]

Chakri, S. and Mamatha, T. and Swathi, L. (2008) Protein Characterization from Fish Egg and Preparation of Protein Concentrates and Hydrolysates. [Student Project Report]

Chethana, K. (2008) Application of milk clotting enzymes. [Student Project Report]

Dachana, K.B (2008) Effect of Moringa leaves on Nutritional, Textural and Organoleptic Characteristics of Cookies. [Student Project Report]

Damodhar, Hetvi (2008) Production of High Content Fructooligosaccharides through Biotechnological Approaches. [Student Project Report]

Debabrata, Patra (2008) Recent Trends in Value Addition in Coffee. [Student Project Report]

Deepa, C. (2008) Physico chemical properties and nutritional composition of flakes prepared industrially from pigmented and non-pigmented rice. [Student Project Report]

Deepa, K. (2008) Nutrient Composition of Chekurmanis Leaves at Different Stages of Maturity. [Student Project Report]

Deepti, S. (2008) Determination of arsenic and fluoride in borewell water samples collected from in and around Mysore City. [Student Project Report]

Deepti, S. (2008) Strategy and Steps for Analytical Method Validation. [Student Project Report]

Dhanalakshmi, A. (2008) Transformations in Quality of Juice from Kinnow Orange, due to Process Conditions. [Student Project Report]

Dhanya, P. (2008) Role of Diaphorase and Reactive Oxygen Species in the Cytotoxic Action of Lindane. [Student Project Report]

Dharani Priya, T. (2008) Probiotic Characterization of Bacteriocinogenic Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Okara - (Soy (Glycine Max) Residue. [Student Project Report]

Dharma Teja, V. (2008) Effects of unconventional processing on chemical composition of essential oil of coriander fruit. [Student Project Report]

Dipjyoti, Saha (2008) Hydrocolloids as thickening and gelling agents in food. [Student Project Report]

Divya, M.V. (2008) Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates from Thermophilic Bacilli. [Student Project Report]

Divya Prakash, J. (2008) Effect of Processing and Storage on Antioxidant Potential of Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium). [Student Project Report]

Gaurav, Raj (2008) Study of Lipolysis in Coconut oil and Preparation of Medium chain Fatty acids. [Student Project Report]

Gayatri, Bahal (2008) Role of enzymes from milled byproducts in baking industry. [Student Project Report]

Geetanjali, Deshpande (2008) Low Glycemic Index Foods and their Value Addition by Plants of Medicinal Value in Preparation of Formulations for Diabetics. [Student Project Report]

Girish, M. P. (2008) Nutritional and Therapeutic properties of Garcinia gummi-gutti Wine. [Student Project Report]

Girish, V. (2008) Characterization of Bacteriocin Produced by Lactic acid Bacteria isolated from Dairy Products. [Student Project Report]

Gopa, Sarkar (2008) Shelf life extension of Indian traditional milk based and non milk based payasam. [Student Project Report]

Gopa, Sarkar (2008) Packaging of Indian Traditional Foods. [Student Project Report]

Guru Aribam, Diana (2008) Preparation of Probiotic–based milk and fruit juice blend beverage. [Student Project Report]

Hariharasudhan, G. (2008) Purification and Biochemical characterization of Kunitz trypsin inhibitor of Sword bean (Entada Scandens) seeds. [Student Project Report]

Harish, Rotti (2008) Development of Fortified Guava Beverages and Their Evaluation of Quality Characteristics. [Student Project Report]

Harshini, Medappa (2008) Chondroitin sulfate/Dermatan sulfate from Rat Kidney. [Student Project Report]

Hemalatha, P.Panicker (2008) Microbial quality of Dahi and Challenge Studies. [Student Project Report]

Indirani, K. (2008) Biochemical and Molecular Characterization of Bacteriocins produced by Lactic Acid Bacteria isolated from Beans and Leather Waste. [Student Project Report]

Jansi Prasanna Kumari, R and Kaniz, Fatima and Naufarah, Ms. and Prathiksha, M. (2008) Downstream processing of annatto pigment, A natural colorant for food applications. [Student Project Report]

Kamalakannan, M. (2008) mmunodetection of fumonisin in food samples. [Student Project Report]

Kavya, S. (2008) Partial Purification and Characterization of a D-Galactose Specific Lectin from Field bean (Dolichos lablab) Seeds. [Student Project Report]

Keshavan, Divya (2008) Purification and Characterization of Aib Containing Peptides. [Student Project Report]

Kiran, G. (2008) Study of Indoleamines in Higher Plants. [Student Project Report]

Labana, Saurav (2008) Evaluation of Microalgal Biomass for Valuable Bioactive Metabolites. [Student Project Report]

Madhu, S. (2008) Cell Culture Techniques and Estimation of Natural Pigments. [Student Project Report]

Malavika Devi, K. (2008) Medicinal/nutraceutical properties of ginger- A Review. [Student Project Report]

Manasa, N. (2008) Effect of Dillenia indica extracts on growth, genetic material, and enzyme production of Staphylococcus aureus and Yersinia enterocolitica. [Student Project Report]

Manjit Singh, Sidhu (2008) Application of Natural Antioxidants in Animal Foods. [Student Project Report]

Maruti Prasad, Panda (2008) In vitro bio-activity studies on Antioxidant Enriched Mixed fruit Jam. [Student Project Report]

Mayengbam, Shyamchand Singh (2008) Development of Lycopene rich Products from Tomato. [Student Project Report]

Meena, Narendra Kumar (2008) Alternative Approaches to Deep Frying Technology – Their Practical Feasibility and Global Perspectives. [Student Project Report]

Megha, Murali (2008) Role of Diaphorase and Reactive Oxygen Species in the Cytotoxic Action of Endosulfan. [Student Project Report]

Mohan, B (2008) Isolation and Characterization of Pediocin PA-1 Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria. [Student Project Report]

Monami, Pal (2008) Studies on the Modes of action of Bacteriocin produced by Pediococcus pentosaceus SIII. [Student Project Report]

Mr., Amruthraj (2008) Effect of Fruit skin coating treatments on post harvest life, quality maintainance of Amla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn) stored at Low Temperature Storage Conditions. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Ms., Chetana (2008) Nutritional Characteristics Of Linseeds/Flaxseeds (Linum Usitatissimum),and its Application in Bakery Product. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Muninarayana, R. (2008) Indian Snack Foods. [Student Project Report]

Murali, Krishnan (2008) Recent Developments in Health based Pasta Products. [Student Project Report]

Nandeesh, K. (2008) Development of fibre rich soft dough biscuits. [Student Project Report]

Nandita, Makharia (2008) Nutrition Labeling of Traditional Convenience Foods – A Model Study. [Student Project Report]

Navneet Singh, Deora (2008) Pressure and Vacuum Frying Methods. [Student Project Report]

Nayyar, Devika (2008) Studies on Micro Algal Flora in Fresh Water Bodies in Mysore. [Student Project Report]

Neha, Sharma (2008) Bioactivity OF Tinospora cordifolia. [Student Project Report]

Neha, Srivastava (2008) Detectiion of 2,4-D by Quantum Dot. [Student Project Report]

Nidhi, Srivastava (2008) Expression of Carotenoid Biosynthetic Pathway Genes in Tomato during Ripening. [Student Project Report]

Nirmala, Metwal (2008) Functional Ingredients in Bakery Products. [Student Project Report]

Nived, Chandran (2008) Acid hydrolysis of delimed leather fleshings: Optimization of conditions. [Student Project Report]

Odjargal, Davaajav (2008) Characterization of Bacteriocinogenic cultures of Lactic Acid Bacteria with probiotic properties. [Student Project Report]

Pallavi, K. (2008) Antioxidants in edible oils. [Student Project Report]

Parina, Garg (2008) Muesli: A New Entrant to Indian Breakfast Food. [Student Project Report]

Pillai, Dipin S. (2008) Microencapsulation of Garcinia fruit extract. [Student Project Report]

Poornima, A. N (2008) Fatty Acid Analysis from Edible Oils and Fats. [Student Project Report]

Poornima, S. (2008) Screening for Antibiotics and food preservative resistant Yeast. [Student Project Report]

Pradeep, T.P (2008) Reverse Micellar Extraction for the Downstream Processing of Lipase. [Student Project Report]

Prashanth, R Gokare and Shruthi, S.S. and Sowmya, N. and Swarna, Saraswathi L (2008) Isolation and characterization of antibiotics producing Bacillus spp from fermented food and soil. [Student Project Report]

Prathima, M.S. (2008) Probiotics, Prebiotics and Synbiotics. [Student Project Report]

Pravin, Kumar (2008) Development of vegetable oilseed based nutraceutical carrier for application in food formulation for functional oils and foods. [Student Project Report]

Prithka, S. and Ruchita, Mathew and Saravana, Kumar (2008) Interaction of Polyketide pigments produced by Monascus purpureus with food components. [Student Project Report]

Priya Rani, O. (2008) Vacuum Impregnation and Dehydration in the Development of Dried Fruits: Quality Evaluation. [Student Project Report]

Puneetha, T.R. (2008) Quality characteristics of expanded sorghum. [Student Project Report]

Rabia, B.I. (2008) In vitro regeneration and transformation of egg plant (Solanum melongena L). [Student Project Report]

Radha, M. (2008) Characterization of an Amylase from Native Finger Millet (Eleusine Coracana). [Student Project Report]

Raghuram Rao, C. and Prashanth Kumar, J. and Puneeth, V. and Vinay, S. (2008) Design and Fabrication of Jilebi Making Gadget. [Student Project Report]

Rajani, G. (2008) Screening of peroxidases in various fruits and vegetable wastes and partial purification and characterization from one of the rich sources. [Student Project Report]

Rajesh, P.S (2008) Production of alpha-amylase by neurospora crassa NSI under solid state fermentation using coffee waste. [Student Project Report]

Raju, N. (2008) Studies on the effect of Low Doses of Acephate on Epididymis in Rats: Analysis of Epididymal Biochemical Markers. [Student Project Report]

Ramya, Ramesh (2008) Analysis of fatty acids from oils and fats. [Student Project Report]

Ramya, S. (2008) Isolation and characterization of immunomodulatory proteins from Tinospora cordifolia. [Student Project Report]

Rashmi, Kumari (2008) Use of Fats and Oils in Bakery Products. [Student Project Report]

Rastogi, Jatin and Roopesh Kumar, R. (2008) Characterization Of Mixed Gels. [Student Project Report]

Rawat, Maj K.S. (2008) Effect of Freezing Techniques (cryogenic freezing and slow freezing) on the Physicochemical Characteristics of Frozen Ripe Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.) Segments. [Student Project Report]

Rehan, Ali (2008) Concentration of Anthocyanin from Kokum Extract using Osmotic Membrane Distillation (OMD). [Student Project Report]

Rejaul, Hoque Bepary (2008) Quality Characteristics of Finger millet (Eleusine coracana)Products with Special Reference to Flakes. [Student Project Report]

Sagar, B. Kedare (2008) Genesis and Development of DPPH Method of antioxidant determination. [Student Project Report]

Sagar, B. Kedare (2008) Characterization of Bioactive Principles from Tinospora cordifolia. [Student Project Report]

Sahul Hameed, S. (2008) Development of fruit and vegetable juice blends for quality evaluation. [Student Project Report]

Samudra, M.R (2008) Charecterisation of Antioxidant Property of Bark Extract of Dillenia Indica. [Student Project Report]

Sandeep Sangram, Sompure (2008) Methodology development in specific migration of plastic additives into foods with special reference to antioxidants. [Student Project Report]

Sangeeta, Chattopadhyay (2008) Studies on ready to bake chapattis. [Student Project Report]

Sangeeta, Yadav (2008) Utilization of Prebiotics by Probiotics. [Student Project Report]

Satish, A. (2008) Utilization of by-products from Bengal gram puffing industries for preparation of micronutrient enriched food. [Student Project Report]

Seema, M.K. (2008) Microbial production of Lipids. [Student Project Report]

Sendil Kumar, S. (2008) Antibacterial and Antimutagenic activities of the extracts from the flowers of Peltophorum ferrugineum. [Student Project Report]

Shabir Hussain, Shah (2008) Comparative Analysis of Different Packaging Materials used in Retail Packaging for Fresh Produce. [Student Project Report]

Shashank, S. (2008) Analysis of fatty acid profile from edible oils and fats. [Student Project Report]

Shidlali, Srividya S (2008) Processing of Non-Wheat Noodles and its Quality Characteristics. [Student Project Report]

Shipra, Tiwari (2008) Stability of laboratory prepared and commercial margarine in product preparation. [Student Project Report]

Shumitha, P. and Manju Natheshwarri, U. (2008) Formulation of Edible Coating for Tomato using Aloe vera with functional ingredients. [Student Project Report]

Sneha, K.V. (2008) Studies on alpha glucosidase inhibitors from fungal sources. [Student Project Report]

Somashekara, R. (2008) A novel chemiluminescence based method for detection of vitamin B12. [Student Project Report]

Soumya, D. (2008) Investigations on the Potential of Sublethal Doses of Acephate to Induce Testicular Toxicity: Biochemical Evidences. [Student Project Report]

Sowmya, M. (2008) Effect of Total Replacement of Fat with Sesame oil on the Quality Characteristics of Cakes. [Student Project Report]

Sreedevi, V. R. (2008) Stability Studies of Pigment in Food Formulations. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Sreedevi, V.R. (2008) Stability Studies of Annatto Pigment in Food Formulations. [Student Project Report]

Sreeman, E. and Sher Safdar Ali, MD. and Kalyan Chakravathy, S. (2008) Food enzymes for clarification of fruit juices. [Student Project Report]

Sridevi, J. (2008) Development of Idli Batter Starter Cultures and Evaluation of Idlis for Nutritional, Textural and Sensory Quality. [Student Project Report]

Srinivas Prasad, K. (2008) Bioactive components on debitterised fenugreek. [Student Project Report]

Srinivasan, K. (2008) Evaluation of certain bioactive components using in ovo diabetic model. [Student Project Report]

Srivastava, Swapnil (2008) Application of Nanoparticles in Food Biosensors. [Student Project Report]

Srividya, D. (2008) Phylogenetic Analysis of Staphylococci from Food Isolates. [Student Project Report]

Sudeep, Ghosal (2008) Agglomeration of a model food powder. [Student Project Report]

Sumeet, Kaur (2008) Preparation and Study of the Nutritional Properties of Cereal Flakes with special reference to Oat Flakes. [Student Project Report]

Sunil, K. K. (2008) Effect of Combined Preservation Techniques on the Storage Stability and Recovery of Pigments and Antioxidants from Spinach (Spinacia Oleracea L.) and Ripe Tomato (Lycopersicon Esculantum L.). [Student Project Report]

Supraja, Prasad (2008) Estimation of Total Proteins, Cholesterol and Triglycerides in Mice Plasma. [Student Project Report]

Surjakanta, Phijam (2008) Natural Food Preservatives. [Student Project Report]

Tanya, Malhotra (2008) Recent Trends in the Enzymatic Synthesis, Properties and Applications of Isomaltooligosaccharides. [Student Project Report]

Teesta, Isser (2008) Extraction of vegetable oil from oilseeds. [Student Project Report]

Tina, Fuad (2008) Role of different Indian wheat species in pasta making. [Student Project Report]

Tinu Maria, Thomas (2008) Polymorphism of the Theobromine Synthase Gene in Coffea. [Student Project Report]

Tripti, Mainani (2008) Biotechnological Approaches in Coconut Processing. [Student Project Report]

Vaithegi, R. (2008) Shelf life extension of Indian traditional sweet based holige. [Student Project Report]

Vamsi Krishna, K. (2008) Extraction of bioactive conserves from curry leaves. [Student Project Report]

Vanishree, Hegde (2008) Preparation of Haptens for Metal Detection. [Student Project Report]

Varsha, Agarwal (2008) Standardization Of Rice Bran Oil According To Codex Alimentarius Commission Requirements. [Student Project Report]

Vasanth Ragavan, K. (2008) Biodecaffeination of Tea. [Student Project Report]

Veena, M. (2008) In vitro antioxidant activity of the extracts from the flowers of Peltophorum ferrugineum. [Student Project Report]

Venkateshwari, S. (2008) Characterization of the Heat Stable Bacteriocins Produced by Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Dairy Products and Vegetables. [Student Project Report]

Venkatrao, N. (2008) Investigations on Nutraceutical, Physical and Textural Qualities of Differently Processed Biotransformed Rice. [Student Project Report]

Vijaya Gowri, E. (2008) Biodecaffeination of Coffee. [Student Project Report]

Vishal, Joshi (2008) A Survey of Trans Fatty Acid Content in Commercial Edible Fats & Confections. [Student Project Report]

Vivek, Nagendra (2008) Downstream Processing of Natural Colorants. [Student Project Report]

Vrunda, Patel (2008) Drying Characteristics of Cooked Chickpeas and an Analysis of Operating Pressure Effect on Dryer Performance. [Student Project Report]

Yamini Lakshmi, K. (2008) Biochemical Changes during Ripening in Wood Apple Fruits with reference to Pectic Polysaccharides. [Student Project Report]

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