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Abdul, Riyaz (2006) Response of Stage of Maturity to Ionizing Radiation in Relation to Shelf Life and Quality Of Tomatoes Under Ambient and Low Temperature Storage Conditions”. [Student Project Report]

Abhijith, M. Singh (2006) Study of the bioactivities of the extract of mulberry leaves and silkworm droppings. [Student Project Report]

Aboli, Dhole (2006) Effect Of Different Additives On Bun Quality. [Student Project Report]

Ahmed, H.A (2006) Micronutrients In Cereal Based Products. [Student Project Report]

Amith, R.Rao and Carl Marlon, Mascarenhas (2006) Digital Image Processing for Quality Assessment of Fruits. [Student Project Report]

Ananda, H. (2006) Enrichment of Ghee with Linoleic Acid by Biotechnological Approach. [Student Project Report]

Anju, Abraham (2006) Oxidative Stress Mediated Cytotoxicity Of Lindane And It’s Amelioration By Antioxidants. [Student Project Report]

Aparna, G. (2006) Formulation of a Supplementary Food Based on Popped Finger Millet. [Student Project Report]

Aparna, S (2006) Controlled Atmosphere Storage. [Student Project Report]

Asha, Singh (2006) Characterization of Aroma Development in Roasting of Peanut. [Student Project Report]

Ashok Prasad, K. (2006) Diskless FreeBSD. [Student Project Report]

Ashwini, A. (2006) Use of Hydrocolloids in Flat Breads and Bakery Products. [Student Project Report]


Badgujar, Dilip C. (2006) Isolation and Identification of Staphylococci in Cut Fruits and Freshly Prepared Fruit Juices. [Student Project Report]

Balaji, R. and Manav, Singh (2006) Decortication of finger millet (Eleusine coracana) and its utilization in food for diabetics. [Student Project Report]

Behera, Sweety (2006) Enzymatic synthesis of vitamin glycosides. [Student Project Report]

Benila, T. (2006) Protein Hydrolysates From Fresh Water Fish Processing Wastes: Optimization Of Process Conditions. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Bharathi, T. V and Prasanna, R. and Shruthi, Sathyan (2006) Hydrothermal Treatment of Paddy,Isolation of Starch and its Acid Modification. [Student Project Report]

Bhavya, R (2006) Amelioration Of Xenobiotic-Induced Oxidative Stress In The Brain And Liver Of Rats By The Root Extract Of Decalepis Hamiltonii. [Student Project Report]

Bhavyashree, S. (2006) Media Optimisation for Lipase Production. [Student Project Report]

Bhavyashree, S.H. (2006) Bioaccessibility of Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Copper and Manganese from Whole Meals. [Student Project Report]

Bijili Sanjay, A.N. (2006) Evaluation Of Weaning Food Formulations. [Student Project Report]


Chaitali, D.Dekiwadia (2006) Enzymatic Digestibility Of Naturally Grown Edible Mushroom Species. [Student Project Report]

Chaithra, C.M. (2006) Studies On Antioxidants From Fungal Isolates. [Student Project Report]

Chandramouli, A. (2006) Characterization Of Milk Clotting Activities from Microbial Sources and Their Food Applications. [Student Project Report]

Chattoγadhyay, Sϋayaree (2006) Study of permitted Artificial Sweeteners. [Student Project Report]

Chaya, G. (2006) Carbohydrate constituents of Karanja (Pongamia glabra) seed meal. [Student Project Report]


Debnath, Biswajit (2006) Coating of Foods an Over view. [Student Project Report]

Deepan Raja, B. (2006) Liposomal nucleation and triglyceride extraction from pomegranate seeds using supercritical carbon dioxide. [Student Project Report]

Deepti, N. (2006) Digital Image Analysis for Estimating Enzyme Activity during Ripening in Banana. [Student Project Report]

Depti, C. and Geetha, V. (2006) Mango ginger: Quality evaluation and value added products. [Student Project Report]

Dhanya, R. Nair (2006) Extraction of Flavour Active Compounds From Shrimp(Metapenaeus Monoceros) Bio-Waste. [Student Project Report]

Divya, B. (2006) An exploratory study on utilization of the customer inquiries towards the development of customer information database. [Student Project Report]

Divyalakshmi, V. (2006) Purification and Characterization of Steviosides. [Student Project Report]


Emmanuel, Ebenezer (2006) Isolation and Enumeration of Yeast from Food Samples. [Student Project Report]


Gajraj, Sanjeev (2006) Natural Antioxidants: their availability and application in functional foods. [Student Project Report]

Garg, Shobhana (2006) Recent Trends in Liquid Food Concentration. [Student Project Report]

Geetha, K. (2006) Molecular characterization of native isolate of bacteriocin producing Pediococcus pentosaceus CFR III. [Student Project Report]

Geetha, Subramanyam (2006) Transformation of Fusarium. [Student Project Report]

Girish, Y.N (2006) Design of High Pressure Processing Equipment and Feasibility Of Indigenous Manufacture. [Student Project Report]

Grace Paulie Sardius, G. (2006) Studies on Blended Beverage from Bitter Gourd and Carrot. [Student Project Report]


Harish, D.P. and Pavitra Priyadarshini, M. (2006) Extraction, Purification, Characterization and Evaluation of Antioxidant activity of coffee conserves. [Student Project Report]


Indumathi, K. (2006) Degradation of Chlorophenol by Microbial Consortium. [Student Project Report]


Jafarkhan, K.T. (2006) Photochemical Transformation of Terpenes and their Derivatives. [Student Project Report]


Kasthuri Bai, N. (2006) Production Of Secondary Metabolite By Plant Tissue Culture And Its Downstream Processing. [Student Project Report]

Kishore, Shyamal (2006) Cloud Formation and Particle Stability in case of Fruits and Vegetable Juices. [Student Project Report]

Kumar, Ajay (2006) Dietary Patterns Related to Obesity. [Student Project Report]

Kumaresh, S.S. (2006) Performance Monitoring and Tuning of SQL server. [Student Project Report]

Kuriachen, V.P (2006) Solid Phase Microextraction in Flavour Analysis with Special Reference to Spices and Herbs. [Student Project Report]


Lulu Namida, N. (2006) Effect Of In-Situ and Commercial Enzymes On the Recovery of Carotenoids from Shrimp Biowaste and Recovery Of Chitin From Flavor/Pigment Extracted Shrimp Biowaste. [Student Project Report]


Madhumathi, M. (2006) Characterization and Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates by Amphibacillus sp. [Student Project Report]

Manasi, B.S and Shilpa, L. and Harshavardhan, J.B and Muddassir, Shah (2006) Molecular Detection of bacteria producing polyhydroxyalkanoates and characterization of polyhydroxyalkanoates. [Student Project Report]

Manju, Ms. (2006) Development Of Intermediate Moisture Foods (Imf) From Fruits And Vegetables: An Overview. [Student Project Report]

Maya, G. (2006) Studies on anti-nutritional components of Karanja (Pongamia Glabra) seeds. [Student Project Report]

Mohammad, Imtiyaj Khan (2006) Effects of Blended Oils on lipids in Rats. [Student Project Report]

Mohit, Jain (2006) Production of High Quality Jaggery Using Contemporary and Modern Machines and Methodologies. [Student Project Report]

Morla, Sreekanth (2006) Recent advances in drying. [Student Project Report]


Nagashree, D.R (2006) Controlled Proteolysis of Proteins by Enzymes to Improve the Quality of Food Products. [Student Project Report]

Nandhini, E. (2006) Fermentative Production of Beta-galactosidase from ENTEROCOCCUS FAECIUM MTCC 5153. [Student Project Report]

Nanditha, B (2006) Natural Antioxidants In Bakery Products. [Student Project Report]

Nirupama, J. (2006) Studies on the Effect of Brewing Temperature on Caffeine release from Coffee and Tea. [Student Project Report]

Nischal, Lata (2006) Influence of Dehydration on the Chemistry Of Broccoli, Brassica Oleracea. [Student Project Report]

Nithya, G. (2006) Partition Studies Of Betalains in Aqueous Two Phase Systems. [Student Project Report]


Palanivel, G. (2006) Characterization Of Exopolysaccharide Produced By Leuconostoc Sp Cfr 2181 & Lactobacillus Sp Cfr 2182. [Student Project Report]

Pankaj, Sharma (2006) Energy Assessment and Batter Quality in Different Wet Grinding Systems. [Student Project Report]

Pant, Vaishali (2006) Recent Developments in the Use of Enzymes in Bakery Products. [Student Project Report]

Pooja, Nahar and Ruchi, Mirajkar (2006) Browning inhibition of iceberg lettuce. [Student Project Report]

Prasannalakshmi, A. (2006) Advanced Glycation End Products(AGEs) related complications in diabetic nephropathy. [Student Project Report]

Prashanth, M. S. and Ranjitha, B. and Remya, Thilakan and Swetha, Rajaraman (2006) Enzymatic Liquefaction of Jackfruit (Artocarpus Heterophyllus Lam.) Pulp for Juice Production and value addition thereafter. [Student Project Report]

Praveen Kumar, R. (2006) Use of spray drying for the production of steviosides from Stevia rebaudiana. [Student Project Report]


Rachitha, Diwakar (2006) Nutraceuticals Enriched Candies. [Student Project Report]

Rahul, S.R. and Sandeep, Hegde and Shamanth, Kumar and Ramesh, A. (2006) Design, Fabrication, Testing and Analysis of the De-Skinning Machine for Roasted Peanuts. [Student Project Report]

Rajeshwari, H.V. (2006) Cytoprotective effect of Decalepis hamiltonii extract on endosulfan cytotoxicity in EAT cells. [Student Project Report]

Rakshitha, D. (2006) Stabilization of Frying oils with Natural Extractives. [Student Project Report]

Ramesh, V. (2006) Downstream Processing Of Pigments From Monascus Purpureus Using Membrane Technology. [Student Project Report]

Ramprasad, Rathi Arpita (2006) Role of selected Food Ingredients in Speciality Foods: Spices and Herbs. [Student Project Report]

Rashmi, R. (2006) Prebiotics in Food Industry. [Student Project Report]

Renjini, V. Nair (2006) Fermentation as a tool for Production of Chitin and Recovery of Carotenoids from Shrimp Biowaste. [Student Project Report]

Rolly, Srivastava (2006) Role of Food Matrices in Sensory Perception of Flavor Compounds. [Student Project Report]


Sahithi, S. (2006) Studies on the Influence of Inoculum on Lipase Production from Aspergillus niger. [Student Project Report]

Sandhya Rani, S.V (2006) Ayurvedic Fermented Products as a Source Of Probiotics. [Student Project Report]

Saraswathi, P. (2006) Physico – Chemical Characteristics of deodorizer Distillate from Soybean Oil. [Student Project Report]

Sathyanarayana, S. and Srikanth, V. and Vignesh, Shetty and Vinay Babu, M. P (2006) Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Micro-Malting Unit. [Student Project Report]

Shamsia, Sultana (2006) Studies On the Lipolysis of rice Bran Lipids In Stored Bran. [Student Project Report]

Shanthi, G. (2006) Electroporation of Bacillus Cereus Cfr04 for Easy Recovery Of Pha. [Student Project Report]

Sharath Babu, R.S (2006) Optimization of Exopolysaccharide Production by Leuconostoc sp. CFR 2181. [Student Project Report]

Sharda Prasad, Awasthi (2006) Studies on stabilization of lipase from Aspergillus niger. [Student Project Report]

Sharma, Deepika (2006) Recent trends in soft beverages. [Student Project Report]

Sharma, Sanjeev Kumar (2006) Cocoa: Processing and Nutraceutical Aspects. [Student Project Report]

Sharma, Vishal (2006) Nano Particles in Food Packaging Applications. [Student Project Report]

Sharmila, G.V. (2006) Development Of Bio-Coagulants for Water Treatment. [Student Project Report]

Shashank, S. and Shiraz, S. and Shishir Naveen, Chandra and Srinivasaprasad, N. (2006) Design, Fabrication and Testing of Pulse Compressing Unit. [Student Project Report]

Shivalingu, B.R. (2006) Studies on Bacillus circulans sp accumulating Polyhydroxybutyrate. [Student Project Report]

Shruthi, B.L. (2006) Effect of Elevated Nitrogen on Microbial Quality of Low-Fat High Fiber Mutton Kofta During Refrigerated Storage. [Student Project Report]

Shruti, Yadav (2006) Expression Of Fum5 Gene In E.Coli Strain Bl 21. [Student Project Report]

Shwetha, S. (2006) Studies on micropropagation of Decalepis hamiltoni and Stevia rebaudiana and biotransformation of Ferulic Acid to Vanilla flavour metabolites in Decalepis hamiltoni. [Student Project Report]

Sindhu, S. (2006) Detection of Ochratoxin by Immunoassay. [Student Project Report]

Smitha Grace, S. R (2006) In vitro screening on Cytoprotective activity of carotenoids isolated from Dunaliella bardawil -a green alga. [Student Project Report]

Somvanshi, Pramod Rajaram (2006) Biotransformation Of Catechins And Value Added Products From Tea Wastes. [Student Project Report]

Soumyarani, M. K (2006) Bioactive compound in fruits and vegetables and their nutraceutical products. [Student Project Report]

Sridevi, R. (2006) Value Addition to Rice by Biotransformation-Quality Characteristics. [Student Project Report]

Srinivasulu, J. (2006) Molecular cloning of phaCAL gene for expression in Bacillus for the production of PHA and PHA Production studies. [Student Project Report]

Sudeepa, E.S. (2006) Proteolytic Bacteria Occurring in Fish Processing Waste: Isolation and Partial Characterization of The Protease Produced By Bacillus Proteolyticus Cfr 3001. [Student Project Report]

Sujata S, Sanghai (2006) Development of dehydrated products from banana. [Student Project Report]

Sunaina, B.S. (2006) Nutritional aspects of Biotransformed Rice. [Student Project Report]

Sunanda Margrett, Williams (2006) Amyloglucosidase Catalysed Synthesis of Riboflavinyl Glycosides. [Student Project Report]

Supriya, S. (2006) Influence of Selected Vegetable Extracts on Human Platelet Aggregation, In Vitro. [Student Project Report]

Surya, Pandey (2006) Rheology studies of lipase solution. [Student Project Report]

Swaroopa, N.B and Kruthika, R. (2006) Biosensors for Food and Pesticide Analysis. [Student Project Report]


Tuhina, A. Vijay (2006) Studies on Modified Ultrafiltration Process for Milk Whey Protein Concentration. [Student Project Report]


Ummu Habeeba, K. (2006) Functional Expression of Rice Bran Lipase. [Student Project Report]

Usha Rani, G. (2006) Studies on Extraction and Enrichment of Thermally Labile Bioactive Compounds by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction. [Student Project Report]

Usha Rani, G. (2006) Supercritical CO2 extraction (SC-CO2) of oil from tomato seeds. [Student Project Report]


Vaishnavi, P. (2006) Formulation and quality evaluation of a millet malt based beverage. [Student Project Report]

Varsha, M (2006) Development of neutraceutical confection. [Student Project Report]

Vishwaprakash, Mahadimane P. (2006) Fractionation of Oils for Value Addition. [Student Project Report]

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