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Alwyn Rozario, M. and Girish, T.J. and Kavya, Kaushik and Pavithra, H.R (2005) Design and Fabrication Of Continuous Peeling Machine for Bananas. [Student Project Report]

Ananda, J. and Gopalkrishna, Pai and Goutham, M. and Sandeep, P (2005) Design and Devolopment of Small Capacity Millet Polisher. [Student Project Report]

Aneesh, Mathew (2005) Effect Of Gamma Irradiation and Map On The Shelf Life and Quality Characteristics Of Tomato (Var. Madanapally) Under Optimum Low Temperature Storage Conditions. [Student Project Report]

Anuradha, H.R. (2005) Dietary Fibers from Raw Banana, Banana Flower and Banana Stem. [Student Project Report]

Aravind Raj, G.P and Banuprakash, M.S and Manjunath, M.G and Muralidhar, B. (2005) Design, Fabrication And Testing Of A Gadget For Making Twisted Snack Product. [Student Project Report]

Avinash, Sinha (2005) Biotransformation Of Xylose Rich Corncobs to Xylitol By Fermentation. [Student Project Report]


Bharath, R. (2005) Simultaneous Recovery of Betalaine & Peroxidase from Normal and Hairy Root Cultures of Red Beet. [Student Project Report]

Bhatnagar, A. S. (2005) Nutraceuticals in Sesame Seed and Oil. [Student Project Report]


Chikkathayamma, K.M. (2005) Studies On Physico-Chemical Characteristics Of Medicinal Rice Njavara (Oryza Sativa L.). [Student Project Report]


Devendra, Pratap (2005) Effect Of Gamma Irradiation On The Post Harvest Quality Characteristics Of Banana (Var. Elakkibale) Fruit During Ripening at Ambient Storage Conditions. [Student Project Report]

Dhanya, Shaji (2005) Enzyme liquefaction and development of novel value added products from Wood apple (Feronia elephantum)- an untapped forest resource. [Student Project Report]


Farha, M. (2005) Synthesis of Structured Lipids by Interesterification. [Student Project Report]


Gloria, Lovsey (2005) PCR cloning of phaC gene of Alcaligenes latus MTCC 2309 and PHA production aspects. [Student Project Report]


Jayanthi, R. (2005) Antibacterial Activity And Possible Mode Of Action Of The Extracts From The Fruits Of Garcinia Xanthochymus. [Student Project Report]

Jeety Ram, T (2005) Aldose Reductase Of Oryza Sativa: Purification And Characterisation. [Student Project Report]


Kantharaja, K.G (2005) Production Of Lipase By Submerged Fermentation. [Student Project Report]

Kavita Iyer, P. (2005) Isolation And Characterization Of Antibacterial Principles Elaborated By Leuconostoc Mesenteroides Cfr 2176. [Student Project Report]

Komal, Narang (2005) Studies On Process Development for the Production Of Lipase. [Student Project Report]


Madhavi, D. (2005) Studies on the Detoxification of Jatropha Curcas. [Student Project Report]

Madhu Malini, H. S and Savitha, B. and Shantala, C. and Sahana, B. (2005) Studies On Microbial Degradation Of Methyl Parathion. [Student Project Report]

Mallikarjun Rao, P. (2005) Studies On Antioxidants From Fungal Isolates. [Student Project Report]

Mamatha, P. (2005) Health Oil Production through Interesterification. [Student Project Report]

Mani Kiran, N. (2005) Bioactive compounds from micro algae with special reference to Botryococcus braunii. [Student Project Report]

Mohan, R. (2005) Studies On Exopolysaccharide Production By Lactobacillus Sp. Cfr 2180. [Student Project Report]


Nakkeeran, E. (2005) Downstream Processing Of Polygalacturonase and Xanthophylls From Aspergillus Carbonarius Using Membrane Technology. [Student Project Report]

Nithesh, B.V. (2005) Interesterification For Producing Health Oils. [Student Project Report]


Prathima, D.S. (2005) Studies On Antioxidant Activity Of Lipoxygenase Inihibitor. [Student Project Report]


Radhika, N. (2005) Signal Amplification In Aflatoxin Immunoassay. [Student Project Report]


Sadineni, Varakumar (2005) Retinol Equvalents Of Provitamin-A Carotenoids In Leafy Vegetables And Influence Of Phospholipids On The Activity Of β-Carotene Cleavage Enzyme In Vivo. [Student Project Report]

Sawan, Vishwanath (2005) Prevalence of Staphylococcus spp. in street foods and determination of their enterotoxigenic potential using molecular probes. [Student Project Report]

Shalini, Sridhar (2005) Molecular Phylogeny Of Fusarium Species. [Student Project Report]

Shenbaga Priya, P. (2005) Phenolics And Flavonoids In Pears: Influence Of Processing Conditions. [Student Project Report]

Shini, Mathew (2005) Supplementation Of Adjuvants To Improve The Stability And Viability Of Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria In Curd. [Student Project Report]

Shinsmon, Jose (2005) Molecular Characterization Of Bacillus Sp. Accumulating Polyhydroxyalkanoates. [Student Project Report]

Shylaja, R. (2005) Studies On Esterases from the Coleoptiles Of Ragi and Wheat. [Student Project Report]

Shyma Abdul, Azeez (2005) Lipase Of Oryza Sativa:Invivo Properties. [Student Project Report]

Siri, C.G. (2005) Biochemical Studies On Capsaicin Synthase. [Student Project Report]

Subhashini, B. (2005) Effect of Freeze Drying on the Stability of Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria. [Student Project Report]


Thirukumar, T. (2005) Biological Applications Of Polyketides From Monascus Purpureus. [Student Project Report]

Thulasi, K. (2005) Biosynthesis Of Pha-Co-Phv By Alcaligenes Latus Mtcc 2309: Molecular And Biochemical Characterization. [Student Project Report]


Vasantha Shri, C. N and Ashmita, Raj and Swetha, B. N and Bhavyashree, H. N (2005) Effect Of Sunlight Exposure And Composting On The Properties Of The Plastic Films Used For Packaging. [Student Project Report]

Veeramani, S. (2005) Studies On Polyhydroxyalkanoates and Pigments Produced By Micrococcus Sp. [Student Project Report]

Vidya, Rajgopal (2005) Studies On the Meal and Oil Constituents Of Karanja ( Pongamia Glabra ) Seed. [Student Project Report]

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