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Akitha Devi, M. K. and Sravan Kumar, S. and Giridhar, P. (2018) LC–ESI–MS based characterisation of isoflavones in soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) from India. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 55 (12). pp. 5045-5054. ISSN 0022-1155

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Student Project Report

Aditya Gopal, Sathaye (2017) Selective Extraction of Epigallocatechin and Epigallocatechin Gallate from Green Tea. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Chaitra, S. and Shilpa, K. S. (2010) Quercetin as a Modulant Of Oxidative Stress Associated with Diabetic Neuropathy in Streptozotocin Rat Model. [Student Project Report]

Gitanjali, Ravikumar (2019) Herbacetin, a flaxseed flavonoid induces cytotoxicity in human colon cancer cells (HCT-116) independent of the oncogene – C myc. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Mahendranath, Gondi (2007) Plant Tissue Culture Studies On Soybean and Analysis Of Isoflavones. [Student Project Report]

Nehal, Mehta (2018) Stability Studies of Anthocyanin And Development of A Health Beverage. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Nishma, Thakur (2017) Natural Production of Pigment in in vitro culture. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Praveen Kumar, R. (2006) Use of spray drying for the production of steviosides from Stevia rebaudiana. [Student Project Report]

Preeti, Rathore (2010) Identification of Bioactive Compounds from the Bark of Peltophorum ferrugineum. [Student Project Report]

Shenbaga Priya, P. (2005) Phenolics And Flavonoids In Pears: Influence Of Processing Conditions. [Student Project Report]

Somvanshi, Pramod Rajaram (2006) Biotransformation Of Catechins And Value Added Products From Tea Wastes. [Student Project Report]

Sruthi, K. S. (2020) Characterization of Anthocyanin from Vitis vinifera varieties and role of Anthocyanidin synthase gene in their biosynthesis. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Tanjul, Gohar (2020) Investigations on the role of Diethyl Aminoethyl hexanoate (DA-6) in isoflavone production in soybean. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

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