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Aduja, Naik and Maya, Prakash and Ravi, R. and Raghavarao, K. S. M. S. (2013) Storage Study and Quality Evaluation of Coconut Protein Powder. Journal of Food Science, 78 (11). S1784-S1792.

Appaji Chowdary Marni, S. R. D. (2013) Purification of Red Cabbage Anthocyanins Employing Aqueous Two Phase Extraction. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Arul Selvi, A. and Rastogi, N. K. and Manonmani, H. K. (2013) Degradation of isoprothiolane by a defined microbial consortium using response surface methodology. Journal of Environmental Biology, 34 (3). 545-554..


Chakkaravarthi, A. and Punil Kumar, H. N. and Suvendu, Bhattacharya (2013) Jilebi 2: Flowability, pourability and pH of batter as affected by fermentation. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 50 (2). pp. 293-300. ISSN 0022-1155

Chandini, S. Kumar and Jagan Mohan Rao, L. and Subramanian, R. (2013) Membrane Clarification of Black Tea Extracts. Food and Bioprocess Technology, 6. pp. 1926-1943.

Chandini, S. Kumar and Subramanian, R. and Jagan Mohan Rao, L. (2013) Application of Enzymes in the Production of RTD Black Tea Beverages: A Review. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 53. 180-197 . ISSN 1549-7852

Chanukya, B. S. and Manish, Kumar and Rastogi, N. K. (2013) Optimization of lactic acid pertraction using liquid emulsion membranes by response surface methodology. Separation and Purification Technology, 111. pp. 1-8.

Chanukya, B. S. and Rastogi, N. K. (2013) Extraction of alcohol from wine and color extracts using liquid emulsion membrane. Separation and Purification Technology, 105. pp. 41-47.

Chanukya, B. S. and Sanketh, Patil and Rastogi, N. K. (2013) Influence of concentration polarization on flux behavior in forward osmosis during desalination using ammonium bicarbonate. Desalination, 312. pp. 39-44.

Chaurasiya, Ram Saran and Umesh Hebbar, H. (2013) Extraction of bromelain from pineapple core and purification by RME and precipitation methods. Separation and Purification Technology, 111. pp. 90-97. ISSN 1383-5866

Chetan Nayak, A. and Rastogi, N. K. (2013) Optimization of solid–liquid extraction of phytochemicals from Garcinia indica Choisy by response surface methodology. Food Research International, 50. pp. 550-556.


Digvijay, Shinde (2013) Rose colour concentration using Forward osmosis. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Dipankar, Borgayari (2013) Fractionation and Characterisation of Boswellia serrata by extract by supercritical carbon dioxide. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Ezhilarasi, P. N. and Indrani, D. and Jena, B. S. and Anandharamakrishnan, C. (2013) Freeze drying technique for microencapsulation of Garcinia fruit extract and its effect on bread quality. Journal of Food Engineering, 117 (4). pp. 513-520. ISSN 0260-8774


Gagan Kumar, Bhardwaj (2013) Effect of blanching methods on drying characteristics. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Jeevitha, G. C. and Umesh Hebbar, H. and Raghavarao, K. S. M. S. (2013) Electromagnetic Radiation-Based Dry Blanching of Red Bell Peppers: A Comparative Study. Journal of Food Process Engineering, 36. pp. 663-674.


Kiran, B. (2013) Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Cryo-assisted Spouted bed Roasting of coffee beans. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Kumari, Shikha (2013) Application of Radiofrequency Wave for Food Dehydration. Masters thesis, University of Mysore.


Lakshmi, M. C. and Jaganmohan Rao, L. and Ravi, R. and Raghavarao, K.S.M.S. (2013) Extraction and Concentration of Isoflavones from Soybean (Glycine max). Separation Science and Technology, 48. pp. 166-174.


Mayank, Jain (2013) Development of Continuous Versatile - Grain puffing machine for the Indian Market. Masters thesis, University of Mysore.


Nagendranath, Chiluvuru (2013) Aqueous two phase extraction of anthocyanins from red cabbage. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Niralee, H. Solanki (2013) Preparation and Characterization of Freeze Dried Nanoemulsions of Polyphenols. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Pankaj, Sharma and Vasudeva, Singh and Subramanian, R. (2013) Pasting, swelling, and solubility characteristics of rice batter prepared from different wet grinding systems. Starch/Starke, 65 (5-6). pp. 374-381.

Parthasarathi, S. and Ezhilarasi, P. N. and Jena, B. S. and Anandharamakrishnan, C. (2013) A comparative study on conventional and microwave-assisted extraction for microencapsulation of Garcinia fruit extract. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 91. pp. 103-110.

Prateek, D. and Chhanwal, N. and Anandharamakrishnan, C. (2013) Heat Transfer Analysis of Sterilization of Canned Milk Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations. Journal of Food Science and Engineering, 3. pp. 571-583.

Priyanka, B. S. and Rastogi, Navin K. and Raghavarao, K. S. M. S. and Thakur, M. S. (2013) Optimization of extraction of luciferase from fireflies (Photinus pyralis) using aqueous two-phase extraction. Separation and Purification Technology, 118. pp. 40-48. ISSN 1383-5866


Ragavan, K. V. and Rastogi, N. K. and Thakur, M. S. (2013) Sensors and biosensors for analysis of bisphenol-A. Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 52. pp. 248-260.

Rakhi, Singh (2013) Application of Short Path Evaporation in Food Industry. Masters thesis, University of Mysore.

Ranga Rao, A. and Sindhuja, H. N. and Shylaja, M. Dharmesh and Udaya Sankar, K. (2013) Effective Inhibition of Skin Cancer, Tyrosinase, and Antioxidative Properties by Astaxanthin and Astaxanthin Esters from the Green Alga Haematococcus pluvialis. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 61 (16). pp. 3842-3851. ISSN 0021-8561

Rupesh Kumar, Dubey (2013) Rheology of Whey Protein Dispersions in Relation to Coating Characteristics. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Saibal, Bhowal (2013) Mixed reverse micelles facilitated downstream processing of lipase involving water-oil-water (WOW) liquid emulsion membrane. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Shanthilal, J. and Anandharamakrishnan, C. (2013) Computational and numerical modeling of rice hydration and dehydration: A review. Trends in Food Science and Technology, 31. pp. 100-117.

Shashidhar, M. G. and Giridhar, P. and Udaya Sankar, K. and Manohar, B. (2013) Bioactive principles from Cordyceps sinensis: A potent food supplement – A review. Journal of Functional Foods, 5 (3). pp. 1013-1030.

Shashidhar, M. G. and Krishna Murthy, T. P. and Girish, K. G. and Manohar, B. (2013) Grinding of Coriander Seeds: Modeling of Particle Size Distribution and Energy Studies. Particulate Science and Technology, 31. pp. 449-457.

Shipra, Tiwari and Harish Prashanth, K. V. and Revathy, Baskaran and Usha Devi, A. (2013) Effect of Chitosan and its Blended Films on the Shelf Life and Quality of Green Peppers and Grapes during Modified Atmosphere Storage. Trends in Carbohydrate Research, 5 (1). pp. 33-44.

Shivendu, Ranjan (2013) Effect of Dry Blanching on Micronutrient and Volatile Retention in Red Capsicum. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Shwetha, S. K. (2013) Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from Fruits and Vegetables. Masters thesis, University of Mysore.

Soumya, Banerjee and Ravi, R. and Suvendu, Bhattacharya (2013) Textural characterisation of gellan and agar based fabricated gels with carrot juice. LWT - Food Science and Technology, 53. pp. 255-261. ISSN 0023-6438

Sowbhagya, H. B. and Sushma, S. B. and Rastogi, N. K. and Madhava Naidu, M. (2013) Effect of pretreatments on extraction of pigment from marigold flower. Journal of Food Science and Technology, 50 (1). pp. 122-128. ISSN 0022-1155

Sridhar, B. S. (2013) Physical and flow properties of solid food materials for designing silos and pneumatic handling systems to prevent food spoilage. Indian Food Industry, 32 (6). pp. 38-46.

Sridhar, B. S. and Sommer, K. (2013) Finite Element Simulation of Fracture Mechanism of Fibrous Food. International Journal of Food Properties, 16. pp. 444-460. ISSN 1094-2912

Sridhar, B. S. and Sommer, K. (2013) Fracture Behavior of Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) under Ambient and Cryogenic Conditions. Journal of Food Process Engineering, 36. pp. 645-655.

Sruthi, P. S. (2013) Microencapsulation of Green tea polyphenol extract. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)

Sushma, M. (2013) Effect of high and low molecular weight compounds on the behaviour of flux in forward osmosis. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Umesha, S. S. and Manohar, B. and Akhilender Naidu, K. (2013) Microencapsulation of a‐linolenic acid‐rich garden cress seed oil: Physical characteristics and oxidative stability. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology, 115. pp. 1474-1482.

Ushakiran, Kolli (2013) Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling for Thermal Process of Canned Mango Pulp. [Student Project Report] (Submitted)


Vishwanathan, K. H. and Girish, K. G. and Umesh Hebbar, H. (2013) Infrared assisted dry-blanching and hybrid drying of carrot. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 91. pp. 89-94.

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