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Toxicants naturally occurring in foods.

Swaminathan, M. and Daniel, V. A. (1970) Toxicants naturally occurring in foods. Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics, 7 (2). p. 105.

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A brief account of the more important naturally occurring toxicants in foods is presented under the following headings: lathyrogens, favism, haemagglutinins, ackee poisoning, presses amines, fungal toxins (Claviceps purpurea, Aspergillus species, Penicillium species, Stachybotrys atra, Fusarium species, Pithomyces chartarum, mushroom poisoning, other toxic fungil), seafood toxins (ciguatera, moray eel, scrombroid, puffer fish, cephalopod, other seafoods), toxicants in certain natural spices and flavours (allyl isothiocyanate, capsicum, myristicin, coumarin, safrol, thujone, other spices), toxic substances found in certain food fats, antivitamins, cyanogenetic glucosides, tumerogens and carcinogens, goitrogens, oestrogens, miscellaneous organic toxicants occurring in foods (djenkol beans, Leucaena glauca, wild yam, solanine poisoning, atriplism, bush tea, saponins, white snacker root, American water hemlock, death camas, berries of coytillo plant), toxic minerals and other inorganic compounds occurring in food and water (seleniums, fluorine, nitrates and nitrites, oxalates), radioactive material in food.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: REVIEWS-; Review. Naturally-occurring poisons in food; POISONS-; LATHYROGENS-; Review. /Lathyrogens/ in food; HAEMAGGLUTININS-; Review. /Haemagglutinins/ in food; AMINES-; Review. /Amines/ in food; MYCOTOXINS-; Review. /Mycotoxins/ in food; SEA-FOOD-; Review. /Sea-food toxins/ in food; TOXINS-; ISOTHIOCYANIC-ACID,-ALLYL-ESTER; Review. /Allyl isothiocyanate/ in food; MYRISTICIN-; Review. /Myristicin/ in food; COUMARIN-; Review. /Coumarin/ in food; SAFROLE-; Review. /Safrole/ in food; 3-THUJANONE-; Review. /Thujone/ in food; VITAMINS-; Review. /Antivitamins/ in food; CARCINOGENS-; Review. /Carcinogens/ in food; GLUCOSIDES-; Review. /Cyanogentic glucosides/ in food; GOITROGENS-; Review. /Goitrogens/ in food; OESTROGENS-; Review. /Oestrogens/ in food; SOLANINE-; Review. /Solanine/ in food; SAPONINS-; Review. /Saponins/ in food; SELENIUM-; Review. /Se/ in food; FLUORINE-; Review. /F/ in food; NITRATES-; Review. /Nitrates/ in food; NITRITES-; Review. /Nitrites/ in food; OXALIC-ACID; Review. /Oxalates/ in food; RADIOELEMENTS-; Review. /Radioelements/ in food; AKEE-; Review. Poisons in /ackee/; MUSHROOMS-; Review. Poisons in /mushrooms/; MORAY-EELS; Review. Poisons in /moray eel/; PUFFERS-; Review. Poisons in /puffer fish/; MOLLUSCS-; Review. Poisons in /cephalopods/; SPICES-; Review. Poisons in /spices/; PEPPERS-; Review. Poisons in /capsicum/; FATS-; Review. Poisons in /fats/; DJENKOL-; Review. Poisons in /djenkol beans; LEUCOENA-; Review. Poisons in /Leucoena glauca; YAMS-; Review. Poisons in /WILD yam/; TEA-; Review. Poisons in / bush tea/; WATER-HEMLOCK; Review. Poisons in /water hemlock/; BERRIES-; Review. Poisons in /berries of coytillo plant/; COYTILLO-; CLAVICEPS-; Review. Mycotoxins of /Claviceps purpurea; ASPERGILLUS-; Review. Mycotoxins of /Aspergillus spp.; PENICILLIUM-; Review. Mycotoxins of /Penicillium spp.; STACHYBOTRYS-; Review. Mycotoxins of /Stachybotrys atra; FUSARIUM-; Review. Mycotoxins of /Fusarium spp.; PITHOMYCES-; Review. Mycotoxins of /Pithomyces chartorum/
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